Applications that simulate breathalyzer: How to measure blood alcohol content

With the advancement of mobile technology, a variety of applications have been developed to assist users in various areas of everyday life. Among them, applications that simulate breathalyzers stand out, providing an estimate of the alcohol content in the blood.

These apps emerged as a tool to raise awareness of the risks of driving after drinking alcohol, offering a practical and accessible way to check your condition before deciding to hit the road. Below we have separated the main applications to simulate breathalyzer. Check out!

Breathalyzer simulator apps

Below, we will present a list of these applications, which aim to promote greater awareness about the risks of drinking alcohol while driving and assist in making responsible decisions.


AlcoDroid is an application intended to track alcohol consumption and estimate the user’s blood alcohol content (BAC). It allows users to log drinks consumed, providing an estimate of alcohol level and alerts on when that level may be above the legal limit for driving in certain regions.

AlcoDroid also offers graphs of consumption over time, assisting those who wish to monitor or reduce their alcohol consumption. It is important to note that the estimates provided by the application do not replace professional breathalyzers and should be used with caution when making decisions related to driving.


The Drink&Drive app is a tool that helps people avoid drunk driving. It works in two ways:

  • Alcohol content calculator:  The user can enter the types and quantities of drinks they consumed for the application to calculate their estimated alcohol content.
  • Transportation service:  The user can request a transportation service home, such as an app driver or a taxi service.

The app is available for download from the Google Play and App Store app stores. It is free to use, but transportation service is charged separately.

Drink&Drive is an important app for traffic safety. It can help prevent accidents caused by drunk drivers, which are one of the main causes of traffic deaths in the world.


Virtual Bar

“Virtual Bar” is an educational app that aims to provide users with an understanding of how different factors affect blood alcohol concentration and their ability to perform tasks such as driving. Using simulations and information provided by the user, such as weight, gender and amount/consumption of alcohol, the application estimates the level of alcohol in the blood and presents the potential effects of this level. The “Virtual Bar” also includes games and tests that demonstrate how alcohol can affect motor and cognitive skills.



“BACtrack” is an application that accompanies a line of personal breathalyzers from the same brand. It was developed to provide users with a convenient way to measure their blood alcohol content (BAC) using a mobile device. By connecting the BACtrack breathalyzer to their smartphone, users can get accurate BAC readings and view them directly in the app.

In addition to showing your current alcohol level, BACtrack offers estimates of how long it will take for your BAC to return to zero and provides insights into how alcohol affects the body over time.


Drunk Driving Simulator

The Drunk Driving Simulator app is an awareness tool that simulates the effects of drunk driving. It places the user in a virtual environment where he must drive a car under the influence of alcohol. The app simulates the following effects of drunk driving:

The purpose of the application is to show the dangerous consequences of drunk driving. It is designed to make the user feel the real effects of drunk driving and help them make safer decisions about drunk driving.


Features and benefits

Apps to simulate breathalyzers offer a variety of features and benefits aimed primarily at awareness and safety. Here are some of the main features and benefits of these apps:

Applications that simulate breathalyzer


  • Alcohol Content Estimation: Based on information provided by the user, such as weight, gender, quantity and type of drink consumed, and the time since the last consumption, the application estimates the alcohol content in the blood.
  • Drinking History: Many apps allow users to track their alcohol consumption over time, providing insight into their drinking habits.
  • Coordination Tests: Some applications include games or tests that simulate the deterioration of motor and cognitive skills under the influence of alcohol.
  • Alerts: Can send notifications when the user approaches or exceeds legal or safe alcohol consumption limits.
  • Educational Information: Many provide information about the effects of alcohol on the body, the time it takes to metabolize alcohol, and the risks of driving under the influence.


  • Awareness: By providing a visual and numerical estimate of alcohol content, apps help users understand the effects of alcohol on their bodies.
  • Promoting Safety: By being aware of their level of intoxication, a user can make more informed decisions about activities such as driving or operating machinery.
  • Habit Tracking: By tracking consumption over time, users can identify patterns and, if desired, work to modify unhealthy behaviors.
  • Education: Apps can act as educational tools, teaching users about the risks and consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Convenience: Apps offer a practical and affordable way to estimate alcohol content without the need for specialized equipment.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that these apps should not be used as a substitute for professional breathalyzers, and the estimates provided should be treated with caution when making decisions, especially those related to driving.

Are breathalyzer simulator apps reliable?

Apps that simulate breathalyzers are popular tools, offering estimates of blood alcohol content (BAC) based on user-entered data. However, the reliability of these applications has been questioned.

Firstly, it is essential to recognize that these applications depend on the accuracy of the data entered. For example, an underestimation of the amount of alcohol consumed or an error when entering the type of drink can result in incorrect BAC estimates.

Furthermore, alcohol metabolism varies among individuals and is influenced by several factors, including genetics, diet, health status, and medication use. Most applications do not fully consider these variables, which can compromise the accuracy of estimates.

Unlike the professional breathalyzer, which directly measures the concentration of alcohol in exhaled air, these applications rely on generalized algorithms. Therefore, while they can provide a general idea about the level of intoxication, they are not direct measuring instruments.

The importance of raising awareness about alcohol in traffic

Traffic, in itself, already brings numerous challenges and demands attention and responsibility from drivers. Introducing alcohol into this scenario increases the risks, making the roads significantly more dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Awareness of the dangers of combining alcohol and driving is, therefore, vital for road safety.

When we consume alcohol, our cognitive and motor skills are affected. Judgment is impaired, the ability to react quickly to unexpected situations is reduced, and response time increases. These effects make drunk drivers prone to making reckless decisions, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Statistics show that driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the main causes of fatal accidents in many countries.

In addition to the direct risks, driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to serious legal consequences, from fines to imprisonment, depending on local legislation. But more important than the penalties is the irreparable loss of life and permanent trauma caused by alcohol-related accidents.

Final considerations

Promoting awareness about the dangers of alcohol in traffic is, therefore, a crucial preventive measure. Through educational campaigns, strict laws and prevention programs, it is possible to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related accidents and, consequently, save lives. By highlighting the seriousness of this problem, we encourage more responsible decisions and promote safer traffic for everyone.

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