SISU 2022 — Schedule, Enrollments, Results, Waiting List

SiSU 2022 (Unified Selection System) is a MEC (Ministry of Education) program that offers places in public universities without the entrance exam stage. The entire process is automated and uses Enem rankings to select candidates. Participation is free and takes place twice a year.

The program was created by the MEC with the aim of democratizing and facilitating vacancies in public higher education institutions. Along with Enem, Sisu allows candidates to apply for vacancies in public institutions throughout Brazil. Currently, institutions from all over Brazil join Sisu in the form of partial or total admission to undergraduate courses.

Learn more about SiSU 2022 and discover how to use your Enem grades to enter public universities! Come on?

How does SiSU work?

SiSU takes place before the start of each semester. Applicants have approximately three days to choose the courses they wish to apply for. This selection process is fully computerized – it retrieves Enem grades and selects the best candidates for vacancies, shifts, courses, universities and modalities.


Candidates use the same Enem registration number and password to register on SiSU’s official website (only those who took the last exam are accepted). Each candidate can choose two course options among the vacancies in public institutions. When choosing the options, participants must also choose the competition mode: quota or wide competition.

Once enrollment is open, candidates can consult the “cutoff score”, which is the minimum grade for Enem to enter the vacancy. Based on the score, participants can choose to continue in the race or try other courses. The notes are released every day at midnight, 7:00 am, 12:00 pm, 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm (Brasilia time).

A few days after registration, participants can check SiSU 2022 results on the official program page. The successful candidate must be registered at the university to obtain a place. For example, certain courses may require additional tests for specific skills. If there is a vacancy, the candidate who did not pass both Sisu calls can enroll in the waiting list.

SISU Schedule 2022

The Ministry of Education (MEC) published the notice on the Single Selection System (Sisu) for the first half of 2021 in the Diário Oficial da União, on Thursday, February 11th.


The document guides the selection process in the first semester and announces the application deadline for Sisu 2022/1. Those interested in participating can register for free on the website, from April 6th to 9th.

Check out the complete Sisu 2022 schedule:

  • April 6th to 9th – application period
  • April 13 – result of the single call for the first semester
  • April 14th to 19th – deadline for enrollment
  • April 13th to 19th – period to join the waiting list

Types of courses offered by SISU 2022

Undergraduate courses are offered at public universities and colleges at the municipal, state and federal levels. The courses are available in 3 different fields, which are:


The technical or technologist courses last from 2 to 3 years, enabling the student to quickly enter the job market in a qualified manner. The focus here is on preparing for the job market. The subjects are more practical and focused on situations in the professional environment.

bachelor degree

On the other hand, the duration of the bachelor’s course is longer, ranging from 4 to 6 years, and is focused on the research area, which has deepened both in practical and theoretical terms.


The undergraduate courses are aimed at people who intend to work in the education area, offering courses for basic education students – generally from elementary to high school. The duration is similar to that of a bachelor’s degree.

All models are recognized by the MEC, enabling graduate students to continue their studies in future postgraduate courses.

Who can apply for SISU 2022?

Candidates who participated in the last ENEM and did not complete the writing can enroll in Sisu. Those who did the process as a coach will not be able to participate in the program.

In each version of SiSU, the candidate can choose up to two course options at the time of registration. The student must also indicate which is their first choice and which is their second.

Generally, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply to SiSU – that is, applicants who applied in the previous year’s version can participate in the new version of the program.

It is noteworthy that according to Law No. 1,089 of November 11, 2009, undergraduate students cannot occupy two vacancies in public higher education institutions at the same time.

SISU 2022 registration

The good news is that registration is done online, so you can complete your application and start competing for scholarships, follow the step-by-step instructions we have prepared below:


Step 1: To register with SiSU 2022, you must have the Enem registration number and the password for the previous year;

Step 2: Once you have the data, you will login to SiSU’s official website:;

Step 3: Next, you will be asked to choose two different course options. The first choice should be your main choice, and the second choice. After choosing a course, you choose whether you want to compete for vacancies related to the Quotas Law or with wide competition;

Step 4:  After defining the course, you will obtain information about the documents needed to enroll in the selected course. For some, it will be necessary to present proof of income, certificate of completion of high school, etc.;

Step 5: Be aware that these documents are essential for registration if you are approved.

Step 6: After accessing the platform, select the desired course by adding a search filter. You can filter by shift, location and institution to make it easy to choose your options.

Step 7: This program gives you the opportunity to choose two courses in order of priority, which can be changed later during registration. It is important to know that if you pass the first course, it is impossible to choose the second course.

Now that you are registered with SiSU 2022, you just need to follow the cutoff scores to know your performance in the dispute. If you change your mind, you can change course options during the registration period.

At the end of the Sisu 2022 application period, the system will select candidates based on the Enem grades and allocate them in the foreseen vacancies. To guarantee vacancies, candidates must enroll within the deadline stipulated in the SiSU schedule.

SISU Cutoff Note 2022

According to the records, there were 232,000 vacancies by the cut notes, in 2020 and another 50,000 vacancies in June. For students who graduated from public schools, SiSU’s cutoff grades are 6% lower in terms of quotas. For example, in Medicine, you can enter 744.8 points for the average quota. 48.4 points less than competitive matches.

Even in the battle of “broad competition” in colleges, universities with low demand, cutoffs will also be lower.

SISU Cutoff Note 2022

What is the SiSU cutoff score?

This is equivalent to the grade of the last candidate approved in the course. It is calculated by the system based on the number of places available by number of subscribers and modality, so it is not a fixed grade.

In fact, between the first and last day of recording, the cutoff score may have drastically changed.

As the grade is provided in the morning and the application period ends at 23:59 on the last day, greater than the published cutoff level does not guarantee a position in the final result. It is still necessary to calculate the tie of the candidates and the last cutoff score.

What is the difference between minimum grade and cutoff grade in Sisu?

Defined by the educational institution, the minimum grade is intended to limit candidates who have grades lower than those defined. The minimum score can be for an isolated area of ​​knowledge, or for the average total score obtained in Enem, with or without the essay.

The cut grade is automatically calculated by the Sisu system based on the grades obtained by candidates enrolled in the course. Unlike the first, cut notes are not exclusive but can be used as a guide for candidates.

How to calculate Sisu’s cutoff score?

As we explained, the cut rate is variable because it depends on the number of candidates registered and the number of vacancies offered. However, it is possible to make an average of the cut notes of the processes that have already been closed.

What is the minimum grade to enter Sisu 2022?

There is no minimum grade for participation in the selection process of the Single Selection System (Sisu). Candidates only need to take the latest version of the National High School Examination (Enem), without having cleared the essay.

However, some educational institutions use minimum grades and/or minimum averages in certain areas of knowledge and/or in written form to admit certain courses. In this case, the system will notify candidates with grades lower than those calculated by the university and will not be able to apply for the vacancy.

How to see Sisu’s cut-off score?

In the Sisu 2022 enrollment period, the system calculates the partial grade of each course once a day. The cutoff score is the score of the candidate who possibly won the last vacancy before the calculation. Access Sisu’s platform and click on “My Bulletin” to check the cut notes of the courses in which you are participating.

SISU 2022 waiting list

SiSU’s waiting list is for candidates who have not passed any course option in the unified selection system. This is the second opportunity, where unfilled vacancies are available to those who have not yet been selected.


Who can join the waiting list?

Students who have enrolled in SiSU during the regular period and have not been called for any course selection can participate on the waiting list.

After the publication of the regular notices on the Internet, the registration period opens. Therefore, after making the regular call, the student must visit the area where the candidate is located on the SiSU website and check the option “Join the Waiting List”.

waiting list calls

After the deadline for participation in the waiting list, the Ministry of Education (MEC) will forward the list of interested participants to the institutions to fill the remaining vacancies.

Required documents and application deadlines vary from institution to institution, therefore, at this stage, applicants must pay extra attention to all requirements.

SISU 2022 website

SISU 2022 website

To access the SISU 2022 (Unified Selection System) website, simply access the website indicated in the registration topic.

In it you will find detailed information about what the program is, as well as:

  • The schedule;
  • How to participate;
  • The vacancies available;
  • Frequently asked questions;
  • Reports;
  • All legislation.

And still, if the candidate has any questions, they can get in touch, on the “Contact” tab within the platform.

SISU 2022 result

The unified selective system allows access to quotas from public universities across the country. If approved, the candidate must visit the institution’s website for more information about the application process.

Generally, documents must be submitted between January 20th and February 4th. Those who miss the deadline will be disqualified, and any new calls will release the remaining vacancies in the first call.

SISU 2022 result
  • Access Sisu’s website (
  • Click on “Selected List” to search for the institution you want to attend
  • If necessary, you can view the newsletter and personal information for the selected content.

What is the difference between SiSU, Prouni and Fies?


ProUni was created in 2004 through Law No. 11,096 to offer scholarships to low-income students. Based on the grades obtained by Enem students, Prouni offers full or partial scholarships (100% and 50%). Therefore, it is necessary to have participated in the last ENEM, to obtain 450 points or more in the test, and not to have been disqualified in the newsroom.


In addition, candidates need to meet some requirements, such as:

  • Must be full scholarship, complete all high school studies in public or private network;
  • Not having a university degree;
  • People with special needs can apply,
  • Public school teachers, teaching in basic education and integrating the permanent staff

Those who meet the above requirements must also prove that the monthly family income from the full scholarship does not exceed the minimum wage of 1.5 per person, and does not exceed three, to receive the partial scholarship.


The Student Financing Fund (Fies) was also created by the Ministry of Education. Its purpose is to finance higher education for admission to private universities, provided they are duly admitted. To participate in the program, the institution must be registered in the program and its courses must be positively evaluated by the MEC.


Currently, students interested in joining Fies must also take the ENEM since 2010 (even those who have already completed high school). Achieve an average of 450 points and not have the wording zeroed. In addition, you must ensure that the total monthly household income per capita does not exceed 3 minimum wages.

The period for starting the repayment of the debt is an 18-month grace period after the end of the course. The debtor can pay up to three times the course financing term, plus 12 months.

Sisu Scholarships 2022

Unlike other programs, SiSU does not offer scholarships, such as Educa Mais Brasil or Prouni, but offers opportunities to enter public institutions of higher education. Through Sisu 2022, candidates can seek a place at universities and technical schools through the results obtained in Enem.

The benefit of participating in Sisu 2022 is that you get a place in a public institution. All who pass are guaranteed to go to college for free. Furthermore, as the Enem level is used, there is no need to take the entrance exam.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about the various stages of the selection process, as although Enem takes two days, there are no stages. It is split only to reduce wear and tear on participants, resulting in a single note.

The main disadvantage is that Sisu’s cutting notes are often very high. This is because the competition is very fierce, so it is more difficult to enter higher education through it.

In addition, the cutoff scores change daily, being recalculated based on new registered applications. Therefore, those who do not reach the minimum score will be automatically excluded from the selection process. So, did you like today’s post about SiSU 2022? Leave in the comments below, your opinion is very important to us. To the next.