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SENAI 2022 (National Service for Industrial Learning) is a private entity of public interest, outside the public administration, not for profit. Having as main objective to make available the qualified labor for the most diverse industrial branches.

The SENAI institution is one of the five largest professional education complexes in the world and one of the largest comprehensive professional complexes in Latin America. In addition to being recognized by the United Nations (UN), its performance also proves its international level.

With more than 1,000 units in Brazil, SENAI courses is a space for quality education and improvement of the country’s industrial market. In today’s post you will learn everything about the Senai world: the courses offered by the institution and how to apply. Check out!

SENAI 2022

As part of the CNI, SESI and IEL sectorial system, SENAI is seen as a model of professional education and quality technical services that promote industrial innovation in Brazil.

Since 1942, the training provided by SENAI courses has trained 73.7 million workers across the country. The institution invests in differentiated and innovative forms of education (in addition to the traditional face-to-face teaching model, in 541 fixed units and 452 mobile units in 1,600 municipalities across the country).

SENAI 2022

SENAI courses also offers distance training. Courses available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In short, Senai also encourages entrepreneurs to innovate through consultancy and incentive measures, and develops research applied to technology and technical services to encourage innovation in the sector. Consolidate its leadership position as a national professional in technical education.

The Senai institution is part of the so-called “S System”. This system is composed of institutions and organizations involved in the sector:

  • Productive;
  • Industrial;
  • Commercial;
  • Agricultural;
  • Transport and cooperatives.

Where they aim to improve and further promote education, the well-being of all employees (including health or leisure).

In any case, the income collected from the contribution of the S system will be transferred to these institutions, most of which are under private law, so that they can be applied to three types of social contributions from a legal point of view, intervention contributions from the economic domain and Contributions of interest to the professional category.

SENAI Physical Units

SENAI Physical Units

SENAI takes high quality professional education to all corners through its departments (training centers) throughout the country. Aiming to provide strategic training for the industrial area.

Thus, these units are made up of the most advanced infrastructure for the training of students, libraries, laboratories, and they always invest in new technologies for their learning, in addition to always providing a comfortable classroom environment.

SENAI Mobile Units

SENAI Physical Units

These units exist to serve the population in the most remote regions of Brazil. However, they are units that transform social exclusion and unemployment into citizenship or entrepreneurship, and their courses can quickly train students.

Therefore, these mobile devices are installed on trucks, ships or buses to bring education to these communities.

SENAI 2022 courses

SENAI 2022 courses

There are a total of 2,422 on-site or distance courses for you and companies. Courses are offered:

  • In-person and remote;
  • Professional initiation;
  • Basic learning or industrial technique;
  • Basic professional qualification;
  • Improvement;
  • Continuing education;
  • Secondary technical qualification;
  • Professional aspects.

All SENAI 2022 courses cover the following areas:

  • University graduate;
  • Technical graduation;
  • Extension;
  • Postgraduate studies.

To participate, candidates must be at least 14 years old for professional entry courses and industrial apprenticeship courses, who have completed at least the 9th year of elementary school. In addition, for students who completed and participated in ENEM, second or third grade high school students can participate in the selection process for the SISUTEC technical course.

Beneficiaries of the government’s social income transfer program, considered low-income, are candidates for unemployment insurance. Therefore, applicants also need to go through documents, proof of income and all personal data to be officially registered at the institution.

The areas that SENAI 2022 courses are offered are as varied as possible, that’s why we’ve brought you a list with all of them. Look:

  • Foods,
  • Drinks,
  • Automation,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Automotive,
  • Civil construction (heavy, buildings, installations and shipbuilding),
  • Cellulose,
  • Paper,
  • Leather,
  • shoes,
  • Electronics,
  • Energy (generation, transmission, distribution and sugarcane),
  • Management,
  • Print shop,
  • Editorial,
  • Logistics,
  • Wood,
  • Furniture,
  • Environment,
  • Metrology,
  • Mining,
  • Non-metallic minerals.
  • Metal mechanics (mechanical, mechanical, metallurgy and welding manufacturing),
  • Petroleum,
  • Gas,
  • Polymers,
  • Chemistry,
  • refrigeration,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Workplace safety,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Textile,
  • Information technology (hardware or software),
  • Clothing.

SENAI 2022 technical courses

SENAI 2022 technical courses

SENAI’s technical courses are in:

  • Foods,
  • Industrial automation,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Automotive maintenance,
  • Buildings,
  • shoes,
  • shoe design,
  • Electronics,
  • electronics,
  • Renewable energy systems,
  • Quality,
  • Visual communication,
  • Offset printing,
  • Rotographic and flexographic printing,
  • Graphic processes,
  • Port technician,
  • Logistics,
  • Electromechanics,
  • Mechanical manufacturing,
  • Maintenance of industrial machines,
  • Metallurgy,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Plastic technician,
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning,
  • Workplace safety,
  • Computing,
  • Textile technician.

SENAI EAD 2022 courses

Senai (National Industrial Learning Service) offers distance courses (EAD) that are completely free. To participate, the only necessary requirements are: having a personal email and Internet access. This is seen as an opportunity for people to learn anytime, anywhere.

Below, find out about the 12 free SENAI EAD courses offered by the institution:

  • Architectural design;
  • Conscious consumption of energy;
  • Environmental education;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Personal finances;
  • Logistics fundamentals;
  • Programming logic;
  • Metrology;
  • Basic notions of automotive mechanics;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Safety at work;
  • Information and communication technology.

EAD SENAI allows students to more flexibly reconcile study and work routines while seeking qualifications. This is also a good option for those who want to reposition themselves in the market.

These are the main benefits of SENAI EAD 2022 courses:

Variety of courses: Professional qualification courses last from 2 to 6 months and technical courses from 1.5 to 2 years. In at least 1 of the 17 Brazilian states there are vacancies available in at least one of the modalities.

Time flexibility: Whether on the way to work, at home or even in SENAI’s computer lab, students can study anytime and anywhere.

Buddy tuition: Compared to face-to-face courses, the price is lower and the quality of teaching is the same. The amount will vary depending on the course selected and the status adopted by the course.

Technology: The use of technology and digital media through videos, books, animations, simulators and augmented reality technologies produces realistic and immersive interactive experiences.

Practical classes: The course is virtual, but the practice is real. At least 20% of courses are on-site. They are carried out in the SENAI laboratory, which is high-tech and simulates the environment that students find in the job market every day.

Qualified teachers: Distance classes are mediated and monitored by teachers and monitors, who have ongoing feedback on online and in-person learning activities. The personalized service provided by the professor is used to clarify and guide doubts through the most diverse channels (e-mail, telephone, web conference and chat).

SENAI 2022 free courses

The Senai Free Program (PSG) expands access to quality professional education for people with a per capita monthly family income of no more than two minimum wages. To achieve this goal, in 2008, pursuant to Decree No. 13, we signed an agreement with the Federal Government and the National Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC). 6,633 of 2008.

In 2014, we started to invest 66.67% of our net donation income in PSG, helping thousands of people realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.

The main objective of the SENAI free courses is to attract people with low monthly family income. In other words, that it does not exceed two minimum wages. It is necessary to consider the current value of the minimum wage of R$1,045.

The task of the plan is to adapt the development of people or organizations as much as possible to changes in the labor market. The plan has specific educational strategies and can also democratically disseminate knowledge. The free SENAI 2022 courses offered are aimed at areas of trade in goods, such as services and tourism.

Free online courses

It’s never too late to learn new skills. If you want to improve your course level in 2022, know that Senai (National Service for Industrial Learning) offers 11 online courses totally free for you to study in your spare time.

The total workload of all courses is 14 hours. In addition, participants who complete the selected course with a minimum score of 70% will receive a certificate of completion. See the options for free Senai online courses:

Architectural Drawing: Provides basic concepts regarding the graphical representation of civil construction.

Environmental Education: This course sensitizes participants to the basic issues of environmental education, establishing a preventive mindset in relation to the environment.

Entrepreneurship: Addresses the importance of entrepreneurship for the economy and the generation of employment and income.

Personal Finance: The goal is to learn to understand how to control your finances, plan your budget.

Logistics Fundamentals: Those interested in learning the basics of logistics, the history of logistics, the concepts and how to better use logistics in the business environment that involves the global market.

Programming Logic: The focus of this course is to show students the basics related to programming logic.

Metrology: Understand the main types, units, equipment and measurement techniques and acquire the necessary knowledge for a career in the field of mechanics.

Basics of Automotive Mechanics: In this course, students will understand the main components and understand the working principles of cars, the physical forces involved and the mechanisms behind the functions of cars.

Intellectual Property: Take classes to determine the importance of intellectual property rights and the benefits of protecting products derived from creativity and innovation.

Work Safety: Learn the main health and safety hazards for workers and the skills needed for first aid.

Information and Communication Technology: The aim is to deepen your knowledge and discover the history, concepts and importance of digital technology.

SENAI 2022 registration

To become a SENAI student, the candidate can go directly to a department throughout Brazil to find its secretariat. However, your registration for SENAI 2022 can also be done online.

See the step by step we have prepared below:

SENAI 2022 Student Portal
  • Access the Senai website:;
  • Scroll down until you find the course search menu;
  • Filter the search according to your state;
  • Now search for the course you are interested in, making sure it is available.

For technical courses, you can enroll through pre-admission, which runs every 6 months, and enroll students so that they can participate in the selection, and then contact a specific department at the institution.

In addition, other SENAI 2022 registration modalities for admission to its courses can also be applied for those with higher education, namely, the ENEM level.

SENAI’s professional courses are registered in the form of choice of the interested unit, in person or through Internet access, and registered on the state’s official Senai website. For both forms, some personal documents are required. they are:

  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Proof of residence;
  • School Records;
  • Updated proof of income.

After having these documents, the student can go to the unit of interest and request registration. Or, register on the official website and explain all the data requested by the system.

SENAI 2022 Student Portal

The student portal is used for the re-registration process, requesting a second test call, requesting the use of previous learning and experiences (when we want to check if the subjects are the same), obtaining academic records and obtaining semester grades and the number of absentees . There may also be information about important events and notifications for students.

It is worth remembering that the functions and layout of the services on the SENAI student portal may vary according to the courses that students are taking and the teaching modalities adopted by the institution.

It is important to say that each state center provides different instructions for the student portals, therefore, it must be said that perhaps not all instructions will have the same effect for all SENAI portals. So there might be some divergence in this tutorial.

To access the Student Portal and use the services offered, you must follow a few steps. To do so, we will use the SENAI SP portal for this step by step:

SENAI 2022 Student Portal
  • Access your state’s SENAI page;
  • Select the “Student Area”, located on the right of your screen;
  • Click on the option “I don’t have access: what to do?”;
  • Click on “register password” to start registering your personal password;
  • Enter your CPF in the requested field and wait for the instructions on your screen to register your personal password.

If you still have doubts, you should request information from the secretariat of your SENAI school unit.

If you have lost your password, don’t worry, the password recovery process is very simple. Check it out below:

SENAI 2022 Student Portal
  • Access your state’s SENAI page;
  • Select the “Student Area”, located to the right of your screen;
  • Click on the option “Forgot My Password”;
  • Enter your CPF number in the corresponding field and follow the other instructions on your screen.

If the process did not work and you have not retrieved your access data, request assistance from the secretariat of your SENAI school unit.

In 2017, Brazil took second place in the World Skills Competition – the largest professional education competition in the world – in general. Of the 56 participants, 51 received training from SENAI.

Since the creation of the National Service for Industry Learning (SENAI) in 1942, more than 68 million people have participated in more than 300 Senai courses offered across the country, involving more than 1,000 fixed and mobile units, in addition to distance education .

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