PROUNI 2022 – Schedule, Enrollment, Result, Remnants

The University for All Program, Prouni 2022, promotes entry into private universities of low-income students who attend high school only in public schools or who received full scholarships in private schools.

Prouni is an educational integration program created by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in 2004. Its objective is to help Brazilian students obtain higher education through the following private university scholarships that cannot be awarded: 50% (partial) 100% (full) scholarship.

Check out today’s post everything you need to know about the program that helps thousands of low-income Brazilians get into their dream college. Come on?

How does Prouni work?

PROUNI was created in 2004 and formally instituted by the Federal Government on January 13, 2005 in accordance with Law 11.096. This program carries out important works of social integration with the granting of 50% and 100% scholarships in private higher education institutions, undergraduate courses and specific training courses.

Prouni 2022

To apply for the Prouni 2022 scholarship, the candidate must take the ENEM – National Secondary Education Examination (which assesses the aptitudes of students who have completed high school) those who obtained an average grade of at least 450 points and grade greater than 0 in the essay .

Prouni Schedule 2022

According to the Ministry of Education, the registration period for Prouni 2022 (first edition of this year) will be between January 12th and 15th, 2022, and the selection result will be announced on January 19th. See the full calendar:

  1. Disclosure of the notice: 12/15/2021
  2. Registration for Prouni 2022 – 1st edition: 12/01/2022 to 15/01/2022
  3. Result of the first call: 01/19/2022
  4. Result of Prouni’s second call: 02/01/2022
  5. Proof of information from the first call: 01/19/2022 to 01/27/2022
  6. Proof of information from the second call: 02/01/2022 to 02/09/2022
  7. Registration on the Prouni waiting list: 02/22/2022
  8. Proof of waiting list information: 02/22/2022 to 02/25/2022

To align the selection with the calendar of educational institutions, the Enem 2019 scores will be considered for selection, as the Enem 2020 was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order for Enem 20220 students to participate in the Prouni 2022, the MEC will open a new version in April, after the release of the test results.

Who can register for Prouni 2022?

01. The Prouni scholarship is intended for students who have completed high school in the public or private network. Candidates must also complete the previous round of Enem exams with a minimum score of 450 (four hundred and fifty), and the essay was not approved.

The higher the student’s performance in the Enem exam, that is, the higher his grade, the more chances he will have to get the Prouni scholarship.

02. Prouni also serves teachers from the public school system for undergraduate, higher education and pedagogy courses. In this case, it is not necessary to meet the income standards, but to be part of the regular staff of the organization.

03. Having completed the previous version of the Enem test and meeting the minimum score standard required by the MEC (450 points and not zeroing the essay). In this case, candidates must bring supporting documents at the time of registration. Upon receipt of the scholarship, the applicant must provide the educational institution with information about family income and educational background.

Prouni 2022 registration

The ProUni selection process takes place every six months. Admission dates are usually announced in January and July. For more information, you can check the official program schedule.

Prouni 2022 registration

Step 1:  Access the official website of ProUni 2022:; and click on “Subscribe”. The registration option is only available for a pre-determined period of time;

Step 2: Enter your CPF and the registration number and password registered in Enem from the previous year (You can find this data on Enem’s official website);

Step 3:  When filling in the access data, the system will automatically restore your data and the results obtained in Enem. Check that the data is correct and update the information if necessary;

Step 4:  The next step is to fill in a questionnaire about your social status and data about your family members;

Step 5: Select two options for the desired course at one or more educational institutions in order of priority. You can filter the options by educational institution, course or city.

In the description of the chosen course, you must also choose the type of scholarship required – quota or broad competition. The quota is for students with disabilities, blacks, Indians or browns.

It is also important to remember that certain courses have specific admission requirements. An example mentioned on the ProUni portal is the Aeronautical Science course, which requires a private pilot’s license and several hours of flight from the student.

Some educational institutions also have an internal selection process. Check if the chosen course or institution fits in this aspect, as some of these factors can lead to the loss of the right to the scholarship.

Types of Prouni Scholarships

What types of scholarships are offered? There is a standard of family income for granting partial (50%) or full (100%) scholarships, as follows:

  • For partial Prouni scholarship : the candidate’s total monthly family income must be three minimum wages per person;
  • To obtain the full Prouni scholarship: the candidate’s total monthly family income must be 1/5 minimum wage per person.

Prouni Cut Note 2022

See below for the lowest and highest cut-off grades to pass on the most popular ProUni 2022 courses:

  • Administration: between 610 and 680 points;
  • Agronomy: between 540 and 650 points;
  • Architecture and Urbanism: between 610 and 730 points;
  • Visual Arts: between 455 and 695 points;
  • Biomedicine: between 640 and 715 points;
  • Biological Sciences: between 625 and 730 points;
  • Accounting Sciences: between 460 and 640 points;
  • Economic Sciences: between 680 and 730 points;
  • Foreign Trade: between 450 and 705 points;
  • Right: between 660 and 703 points;
  • Physical Education: between 595 and 610 points;
  • Entrepreneurship: between 500 and 605 points;
  • Nursing: between 565 and 710 points;
  • Civil Engineering: between 590 and 740 points;
  • Production Engineering: between 600 and 715 points;
  • Electrical Engineering: between 625 and 760 points;
  • Pharmacy: between 565 and 765 points;
  • Physiotherapy: between 560 and 755 points;
  • Gastronomy: between 605 and 635 points;
  • Commercial Management: between 455 and 680 points;
  • Human Resources Management: between 460 and 715 points;
  • Journalism: between 455 and 725 points;
  • Lyrics (Portuguese/English): between 500 and 735 points;
  • Logistics: between 455 and 660 points;
  • Marketing: between 455 and 700 points;
  • Veterinary Medicine: between 600 and 750 points;
  • Medicine: between 710 and 815 points;
  • Nutrition: between 460 and 715 points;
  • Dentistry: between 520 and 745 points;
  • Pedagogy: between 480 and 655 points;
  • Psychology: between 470 and 735 points;
  • Advertising and Advertising: between 550 and 705 points;
  • Radiology: average of 655 points;
  • Safety at Work: between 455 and 630 points;
  • Social Service: between 460 and 700 points.

The cut notes mentioned were taken from previous selective processes. However, for the 2021 edition everything can change – for less or for more!

What are the most popular courses at ProUni?

But after all, what is the most popular course in Prouni? Every year, some courses attract more attention than others. Typically, these trainings can also provide more places based on the number of needs. The following is a short list of popular Prouni 2022 courses across the country:

  1. Right;
  2. PE;
  3. Pedagogy;
  4. Nursing;
  5. Management;
  6. Psychology;
  7. Accounting Sciences;
  8. Civil Engineering;
  9. Physiotherapy;
  10. Medicine.

Documents required for registration

In order for you to access the ProUni 2022 candidate portal, you will need your most recent Enem registration number and password. Next, you need to fill in some information about your family group, including each family’s income (which could be salary, self-employment, retirement, pension, rent, etc.).

Registration is done entirely over the Internet, and no documents are required at this time. However, it is very important to have all the information, because if you choose this information, you will need to prove the data that was filled out.

When pre-selected candidates receive scholarships, ProUni requires the presentation of documents. This is called the information verification phase and it takes several days from one process to another.

The certificate is made at the university where the student received the scholarship, without it, it is impossible to enroll. That is, whoever fails to prove the information within the stipulated period, will lose the vacancy, and this will be transferred to someone else.

Prouni Result 2022

To check the ProUni 2022 result, you must:

Prouni Result 2022

Step 1 : Access the official website of Prouni, on the link mentioned in the registration topic;

Step 2: Click on the “Result” option;

Step 3: Fill in the requested information: login and password used to enroll in the program (the same information you used in the previous year’s Enem);

Step 4: Click on “Send”;

Step 5: Your individual bulletin will appear with the result.

Another option is to consult the ProUni 2022 result:

  • By telephone 0800-616161 (MEC Information Center);
  • At the college for which you applied for a position.

Prouni 2022 waiting list

ProUni offers several scholarship opportunities – the waiting list is one of them. The list is a last chance to obtain a scholarship through ProUni.

Prouni 2022 Waiting List

The first thing to talk about is with regard to those approved in the first round, that is, those who scored the highest in ENEM. A few days after the selection closes, the list will be published on the ProUni website. After the call, the successful candidate will have a deadline to certify the necessary documents at his university, otherwise, he will lose the benefit.

Remaining vacancies ProUni 2022

A few days after the results were released, the second ProUni 2022 call started. Due to withdrawal or lack of supporting documents, candidates on the 1st list are disqualified, and a new name will be used to fill the vacancy. The second call is valid for the specified period. After that, ProUni will open the third opportunity, which is the waiting list.

Prouni’s remaining vacancies are the candidates’ last chances to obtain this version of the scholarship. It retains all vacancies that were not filled after the first and second calls from ProUni and remains available for almost a month after the start of the selection process.

This is the detailed information that each participant must connect: unlike the second call, the list is not automatic. Applicants need to go there and say they are interested in participating.

Documents required for registration

Whether it’s the first call, second call, or the person selected from the waitlisted spot, there’s a college admission deadline and a lot of information to prove.

Candidates must bring originals and simple copies of documents that are determined by the educational institution. Generally, the only requirement of HEIs is the candidate’s identification documents and family group members.

The college’s ProUni coordinator will only ask for one of these documents (unless you have doubts and need some additional proof):

  • Identity Card (RG);
  • National driving license;
  • Functional portfolio;
  • Military identity;
  • National Registry of Foreigners (RNE), if applicable;
  • Passport issued in Brazil;
  • Work and Social Security Card (CTPS).

proof of residence

One of the following vouchers may be requested on behalf of the fellow or a member of the family group:

  • Water, gas, electricity or telephone bills (landline or mobile);
  • Rental contract in force, with the property owner’s signature notarized, accompanied by a bill for water, gas, etc. on behalf of the owner;
  • Declaration from the owner of the property confirming residence, with notarized signature, accompanied by a bill for water, gas, etc. on behalf of the owner;
  • Annual Income Tax Return for Individuals (IRPF);
  • Statement or communication from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) or the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB);
  • Paycheck issued by a public agency;
  • Bank payment slip for school fees, health plan monthly fees, condominium fees or housing finance;
  • Credit card bill;
  • Bank statement or statement of checking or savings account;
  • Bank statement or statement of loan or financial application;
  • Extract from the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS);
  • Guide or booklet for the Urban Property and Land Tax (IPTU) or the Tax on the Ownership of Motor Vehicles (IPVA).

income vouchers

Potential fellows must provide proof of income for all members of the household group with a certain income type. These receipts depend on the type of activity (salary, self-employed, rural worker, etc.).

The ProUni coordinator decides which documents must be provided in each case. You can view the complete list and all possible documents on the ProUni website.

Proof of separation, divorce or death of parents

They are only needed if a parent is not included in the recipient’s family due to separation, divorce, or death. In case of doubt, consult your university’s ProUni coordinator.

Proof of child support payment

Required only when the amount has been deducted from the gross income of a member of the family group. It can be a copy of a court decision, a court-approved agreement or a public deed providing for the payment of child support.

High School Vouchers

In addition to your high school graduation certificate, you must also prove that you studied at a public or private school on a full scholarship. Details and conditions can be found on the ProUni website.

other cases

Persons with disabilities must submit a medical report attesting to the type and extent of the disability, accompanied by the corresponding code of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Basic education public school teachers must purchase teaching practice as part of the institution’s permanent staff.

Prouni is one of the programs for low-income Brazilian students who use Enem scores to obtain full or partial scholarships at private universities. In addition, some private universities joined Enem as a form of admission, replacing the traditional entrance exam in some cases.

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