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PIS 2022 (Social Integration Program) and COFINS (Contribution to Social Security Financing) are federal taxes that are levied on companies’ revenues. The PIS is intended to finance the unemployment insurance system and COFINS to fund Social Security.

In addition to PIS and COFINS, there is also Pasep, which is the abbreviation of “Program for the Formation of Public Servant Heritage”. Through these programs, companies and public institutions can deposit donations in their employees’ funds, the PIS Pasep Fund. Currently, the resources are a fund that is used to pay salary and unemployment insurance.

In today’s post you will understand all about PIS 2022 and why it is important for workers. Check out!

PIS 2022

The Social Integration Program (PIS) was implemented through Complementary Law No. 7/1970. The plan tries to integrate private sector employees into the company’s development. Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for paying PIS.

PIS 2022

Employees can obtain benefits such as unemployment insurance and FGTS through the PIS. To qualify for the PIS 2022, a citizen must be enrolled in the program on their first job.

This registration is mandatory and can only be done once (the process does not need to be repeated every time you change jobs). For example, if you want to withdraw the FGTS, you must have a PIS number. You can check this code through Caixa PIS telephone service.

Therefore, PIS is not only the responsibility of the employer, who must pay this tax, but also the worker’s right to withdraw wages.

Who is entitled to PIS 2022?

To be part of the PIS, workers must meet certain requirements defined by the federal government. Check the required conditions below:

  • Portfolio signed for at least five years;
  • Have received an average monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages during the base year;
  • Have exercised paid activity for a Legal Entity, for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the
  • base year considered for calculation;
  • Have your data correctly informed by the employer (Legal Person) in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS).

Self-employed persons can also enroll in PIS 2022. For this, the nearest Caixa branch is required. The bank will register self-employed workers in accordance with the “Feral Regime of Social Security” and provide the worker’s NIS registration number.

For Pasep, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have been registered on Pasep for at least five years;
  • Have earned, in the reference base year, a monthly average of up to 2 minimum wages (sum of remunerations
  • earned and reported by one or more employers);
  • Have worked at least 30 days in the base year;
  • Be correctly informed in the Annual Social Information Report – RAIS – of the base year in question.

The registration on Pasep is done after hiring the worker in a company in the public sector.

You can apply through the Caixa Trabalhador application, from the Caixa service or consult your benefit and available amounts, directly through the Citizen Service (0800-726-0207) or through the website www.caixa.gov.br/abonosalarial.

How to register PIS 2022

After the worker’s formalization, the employer registers a new worker in Pis Caixa. The proletariat can also register. Look:

How to register PIS 2022
  • Access Dataprev – https://portal3.dataprev.gov.br;
  • After entering the portal, click on the “Register” option;
  • Then click on “Members”;
  • Finally, fill in the data and, at the end of the process, the registration number can be issued.

Consult PIS 2022

The salary bonus is the 14th salary of low-income workers. The function of the PIS (Social Integration Program) and Pasep (Program for the Formation of Public Servant Assets) is to integrate the income of people who worked at least 30 days in the previous year and have a formal contract. years, having received, at most, two minimum wages per month.

In addition to these rules, to receive this salary bonus, the company where the beneficiary worked must also have correctly informed the government about their data. Payments are made to private sector employees through Caixa, while Banco do Brasil is made to public employees. The PIS 2022 payment date varies according to the month of your birth.

Fortunately, if you are not sure if you are entitled to this benefit, you can easily use an Android or iOS (iPhone operating system) cell phone to consult PIS 2020 through the Caixa Trabalhador application.

PIS 2022
  • Go to Google Play or the App Store and download the Caixa Trabalhador application;
  • If you’ve already installed it, just update it to the latest version;
  • Open the application normally and click “Access”;
  • Log into your Caixa account, then go to “Consulting”
  • Right after, click on “Current Exercise”;
  • Check your salary and allowance information.

In addition to directly consulting your salary subsidy, the Caixa PIS app also allows you to carry out simulations and other services completely free of charge.

Consult PIS number

The employee uses the PIS numbers to check if he is entitled to certain benefits, such as salary bonuses and withdrawal of PIS quotas. The difference between PIS x PASEP is that one is linked to an active private worker (PIS) and the other is a public service employee (Pasep).

Consult PIS number

The PIS 2022 number is the same as the NIS (Social Identification Number) and the NIT (Worker Identification Number). These numbers can be found in some documents:

  • work card
  • Extract from the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Employees)
  • Citizen Card (only for PIS)
  • Caixa Agency, with official document with photo (only for PIS)
  • Banco do Brasil branch, with RG and CPF (only for Pasep)

The easiest way to find your PIS number with your CPF with you is by going to the My INSS website. This tool concentrates a variety of services, in addition to querying PIS 2022, you can also check your contribution time.

Just follow a few steps:

Consult PIS number
  1. Access the My INSS portal;
  2. Click on “Enter”;
  3. Select “Create your account” with the option to use the CPF number;
  4. Fill in the requested data (CPF, date of birth, mother’s name and name);
  5. Follow the confirmation instructions;
  6. Create a password for your CPF;
  7. Log in now with your password;
  8. Confirm the necessary information about your contribution in recent years.
  9. By clicking in the upper left corner, on “My Registration”, you will see the user data. At the end, at the bottom, the NIT/PIS.

Another way to obtain a PIS number is through the CNIS website, the National Register of Social Information. Just follow these steps:

Consult PIS number
  • Access the CNIS website;
  • Choose the item “Citizen”;
  • In the upper left corner, click on “Subscription”;
  • Choose the “Affiliate” option;
  • Fill in the fields with your personal information;
  • After clicking continue, a red band with your NIT will appear. This is your PIS or Pasep number.

PIS 2022 withdrawal

Workers with an account at Caixa PIS can automatically receive the balance in their account in accordance with the payment schedule. Withdrawals with the citizen card can be made at:

  • Caixa branches
  • ATMs
  • lottery houses
  • Corresponding Cashier Posts

You can also make a withdrawal request in the “My Cash Out” option in the FGTS app.

On the other hand, for non-account holder workers at Caixa, the money will be saved in the Poupança Social Digital, which can be processed through the Caixa Tem application.

At PASEP, Banco do Brasil customers can withdraw and withdraw money directly from their account. Others can get paid at TED or leave at any agency.

PIS 2022 value

The payment of the PIS 2022 salary bonus (based on 2021 as the base year) was completed in February, and R$17 billion were paid to 22.2 million workers eligible for this benefit. As of June 30, 2021, those who have not yet withdrawn should be on the lookout.

The salary bonus can reach R$ 1,100.00. To receive full payment, you must work throughout 2019. Anyone who only worked a few months will receive the prorated amount

Annually, the value of PIS PASEP 2022 and other benefits are readjusted according to the value of the minimum wage. On January 1st, the “Provisional Measures” came into effect and were signed by President Jair Bolsonaro, establishing a minimum wage of R$ 1,100. Therefore, the maximum amount of PIS PASEP in 2022 is a minimum wage.

In short, the value of benefits takes into account the number of months of work, at least 30 days of service. However, those who work throughout the year will receive the minimum wage. Therefore, the value of PIS / PASEP 2021 varies between the maximum quota (R$1,100) and the minimum quota (R$91.66). So, the maximum quota is paid to those who work for 12 full months.

The payment date is according to the official calendar, which includes the month of birth. The amount of the allowance must vary according to the sum of the working day.

Therefore, considering the current value of the minimum wage of R$1,100. The value calculated based on the number of months worked is:

  • Those who worked 1 month should receive: R$92.00;
  • Those who worked for 2 months should receive: R$184;
  • Those who worked for 3 months should receive: R$275;
  • Those who worked 4 months should receive: R$ 367;
  • Those who worked for 5 months should receive: R$ 459;
  • Those who worked 6 months should receive: R$550;
  • Those who worked for 7 months should receive: R$ 642;
  • Those who worked 8 months should receive: R$ 734;
  • Those who worked 9 months should receive: R$ 825;
  • Those who worked for 10 months should receive: R$ 917;
  • Those who worked for 11 months should receive: R$ 1,009;
  • Finally, those who worked 12 months should receive: R$ 1,100.

PIS 2022 balance

Low-income workers who wish to withdraw the benefit amount can consult the PIS 2022 balance. For private companies, you can check the PIS on the Caixa Econômica Federal website.

PIS 2022 balance
  • Access the “PIS” tab on the Caixa website;
  • Click on “Consult payment”;
  • Log in and enter your email, NIS or CPF number;
  • Type the password.

You can consult the PASEP through the app or call the banking service center: 4004-0001 (main cities and metropolitan regions) and 0800 729 0001 (other cities). In addition, the balance can be obtained from the Banco do Brasil website.

PIS 2022 calendar

Workers who would receive the Pis / Pasep aid will have to wait until next year to receive it. In the unanimous decision of the Deliberative Council of the Worker’s Support Fund (Codefat), representatives of workers, employers and the government chose to postpone the next Pis / Pasep calendar to 2022.

The amount would be paid to Brazilians who signed a formal contract in 2020 from July this year. Millions of people even expected to receive this payment ahead of schedule, because the Ministry of Economy expected the anticipation of the Pis to be a measure of economic recovery during the economic recovery period. Pandemic.

Payment usually starts in the second semester and runs through the first semester of the following year. Deposits in the Pis / Pasep 2020/2021 calendar (for those who worked in 2019) deposits began in June last year, for Caixa and Banco do Brasil account holders, and continued on to July, according to the birth of the month’s worker. For those born in May and June, payment would continue until March, but by government decision, the schedule was postponed to February.

For those born between January and June, the benefits will be credited to the updated minimum wage in 2021 (1,100 reais). Workers born between July and December or with a final enrollment number between 0 and 4, who have not yet withdrawn their benefits, are also entitled to PIS.

The Ministry of Economy predicts that payments for 2020 will start in January 2022, and payments for all groups are expected to fall with the updated minimum wage for that year.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the change in the form of payment will be carried out once a year) following the recommendations of the General Comptroller of the Union and seeks to comply with accounting and financial rules.


The PIS in the accounting of every entrepreneur seeking success must always be up to date, to avoid any kind of problem with the Internal Revenue Service. But how does PIS 2022 work for who is MEI? Here are some important details about PIS for MEI:

MEI is an entrepreneur, has its own business, therefore it is not entitled to receive the salary bonus, unless it carries out another activity with a formal contract. In addition, the MEI that has employees must register them in the PIS in order for them to receive their salary bonus.

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