Whale Vomit: Aquatic Gold That Could Be Worth Millions

Is Whale Vomit Really Worth Money? Well, even though it seems quite strange, it is a fact that this type of “product” can be worth not only a value, but a good value! 

This past Friday it was reported that a fisherman from Thailand found a piece of whale vomit weighing approximately 30 kg. The really surprising news is that just this small amount can be worth around 7 million reais, but it’s actually a little strange that much value for something like that, isn’t it? So let’s see a little more about it and why it’s so valuable.

It’s not that simple to set the value for this vomit because it’s not exactly worth the money. When we talk about this we should immediately mention the possible presence of components such as ambergris or gris, which is often found in the stomach of these animals. 

whale vomit

It is indeed considered a material of great value because it is a very rare raw material, a greasy product widely used in the world of perfumery. Well, for this fisherman there was a big change in his life as this is certainly one of the findings that would completely change the person’s life. 

The item has also been used as an aphrodisiac medicine throughout history and its properties go far beyond that.

When it is fresh, it smells very similar to feces, however, the change in its aroma happens when it is exposed to sunlight and air, thus gaining a sweet and earthy odor. It can be said that it is close to the smell of isopropyl alcohol.

Despite being produced in the whale’s intestine, not every species does this, in fact, only the sperm whale is capable of producing a good quantity. It is formed in the gallbladder and binds together different types of materials that are fairly easily found.

whale vomit

Therefore, due to its great value, ambergris was also called floating gold by some people in antiquity. However, at that time its origin was completely unknown and ignored. And there was also the belief that it possessed magical healing properties.

Many of these peoples also performed ceremonies with this material, since for him to offer something like this to the gods was a sign of reverence, especially for those gods who, according to their beliefs, ruled the sea. The Chinese, for their part, believe that amber was produced by dragons that inhabited caves on the high seas.

Well, now going back to the present, it is possible to say that in the world of perfumery some perfumes win this product, generally the most famous as is the case of French Chanel N°5. 

Finally, just one gram of ambergris can be worth approximately $25.00, which justifies why 30 kg can be worth even 7 million reais. And an interesting curiosity is that despite being called whale vomit, sperm whales are not exactly whales, but belong in the same order as whales.