FIES 2022 – Registration, Guarantor, Billet, Amendment, Result

The Student Financing Fund, also known by its acronym FIES 2022, is a program of the Ministry of Education that aims to offer graduation to higher education students (not free of charge), in accordance with the provisions of Law 10,260 / 2001.

In 2010, it started to operate in a new format: the financing interest rate was changed to 3.4% per annum, the grace period to 18 months and the amortization period to 3 times – the normal duration of the course, plus 12 months.

The percentage of funding increased in recent years by 100% and applications began to be made in a continuous flow, allowing students to apply for funding at any time of the year. And if you want to know more details about the Fies application and much more, just follow the topics below. Come on!

New FIES 2022

To participate in the FIES 2022 applications, students must enroll in the program through the official website. If it meets the requirements and is approved, the applicant signs a financing agreement with the institution. Financing provided by the program offers a much lower interest rate than regular financing.

New FIES 2022

Throughout the course, Fies will be responsible for paying the tuition fee (or percentage provided for in the contract) directly to the university. In return, students will only need to pay the expenses specified in the contract and pay the full cost of life insurance (required when taking out the loan).

Upon graduation, students must begin paying the outstanding balance immediately. If the student finds a job or opens a business, the installment payment will be automatically deducted from the source of income according to a government calculation. The government estimates the maximum debt repayment period to be 14 years.

The MEC announced some new changes in funding points in its two models: Fies and P-Fies. These points are:

  • As of 2021, the minimum cutoff score for the Enem text is 400 points;
  • Reduce the possibility of vacancies in private higher education through fundraising;
  • Possibility of judicial investigation of offenders;
  • Requirement of cut-off grade for course change in educational institutions;
  • As of the second half of 2020, P-Fies will no longer have income restrictions;
  • As of the second half of 2020, Enem grades are not required to participate in P-Fies.

And with the changes and transformation of New Fies 2022, the effective interest rate for students belonging to Method I (or Fies Method) will be zero, and for students who qualify for the second and third method (or Method P- Fies), the fee varies by bank.

FIES 2022 registration

For the first half of 2022, registration will be open from January 26th to 29th. The process of choosing a student financial aid plan is done entirely over the Internet, is free and has several steps. Understand better what needs to be done with the following steps:

FIES 2022 registration

Step 1: The first step is to access the Fies website: and inform the requested data;

Step 2: : Pre-selected students must visit the site again and have up to five days to register and inform them of the financial data to be hired;

Step 3: After enrollment, students can have up to ten days to verify the information with the Permanent Commission for Supervision and Monitoring (CPSA) of the educational institution;

Step 4:  Once the information is confirmed, the student will have a maximum period of ten days, and the CPSA will contact the student on the third business day after confirmation to appear at the bank to sign the financing agreement.

FIES guarantor 2022

This question is quite common among those intending to apply for funding: who can be the guarantor of Fies 2022? After all, if for some reason the student who signed the contract cannot pay the debt, it is the person who undertakes to be responsible for guaranteeing the loan.

It is important to emphasize that, with regard to the programs, not all modalities require a guarantor. For example:

  • Prouni partial scholarship holders
  • Students enrolled in undergraduate courses
  • Have a per capita family income of up to 1/5 minimum wage

However, people who apply to Fies and need a guarantor who cannot be spouses or partners, nor can they be beneficiaries of an educational credit plan – PEC / CREDUC with outstanding loans. As well as foreign citizens and students who are also enjoying the FIES 2022.

The Student Financing Fund accepts two types of guarantees, which can be selected when registering on its official website:

Regular guarantor: In this way, the candidate can choose up to two guarantors whose income is equal to twice the monthly fee paid by the student.

Solidarity guarantee: In the solidary guarantee, students can choose from three to five people, they must come from the same educational institution, and in the same period. They cannot be from the same family.

FIES slip 2022

After expiration, the Fies 2022 boleto must be renewed first on the payment date. To update, follow the steps we’ll teach later in this topic. Next, you will need to go to a bank in person and pay at the till, remembering that in most institutions the service closes at 4 pm.

Be careful not to delay payment of the debt too much, after all, if you do not meet the quarterly interest installments, the bank may cancel your contract.

If you have any further questions, we recommend that you contact Caixa, learn about the rules of the new Fies and find out more about accounts or Boleto Caixa, in order to issue the necessary boleto. Or to understand better, follow the step by step below:

FIES slip 2022
  • Access and register! Easy, fast and secure;
  • Click on the “Fies Contract” option;
  • Then on “Contract”;
  • Finally, just click on “Open Billet(s)”.

The second receipt can also be issued through the call center: 0800 726 8068 / Option 8- Waiting Service.

To make your experience even more agile and carefree, open an account at Caixa, choose to debit your Fies account and make the most of the benefits provided to students! Visit the link below and find out more!


How to pay the Fies boleto

Well, we’ve separated this topic especially to talk about the payment of the Fies 2022 ticket in a more practical way. We’ve divided the entire process into steps so that none remain. All ready? So let’s get down to business!

FIES slip 2022

Enter the data: To issue a bank slip, it is necessary to inform the contract number or CPF. For the fast ticket option, it is necessary to confirm the code and number Box or digital representation.

Choose the installment: Click on the installment for which you want to issue the bank slip.

Payment: Take a photo of the barcode to be paid in the cashier’s application, or enter the bank document number to be paid by internet banking.

Before printing a copy of the bill of exchange, learn how to protect yourself to avoid fraud. To prevent your payment slips from being falsified, it is important to carry out some procedures:

  • Keep your antivirus software up to date;
  • The box code is always 104-0, so the first line number is 104;
  • When you receive a bank slip at home, get into the habit of checking all the data contained in it;
  • If you find any other information on the payment slip, wrong Portuguese or strange markings, do not pay. Then contact the bank / issuing company for more information;
  • É essencial que o software antivírus do seu computador esteja sempre atualizado. Se precisar imprimir um tíquete pela Internet, evite imprimir em um computador que você não conhece;
  • Evite clicar em links desconhecidos para gerar boletos, pois você pode ser direcionado para uma página falsa com boletos adulterados;
  • Também é importante não utilizar motores de busca para localizar endereços de bancos e / ou prestadores de serviços. Digite o endereço diretamente no navegador! Não sabe o endereço correto? Pergunte ao seu banco ou provedor de serviços;
  • Lembre-se, o endereço da página da Caixa é;
  • Em todo o documento, o valor, o nome do beneficiário, a marca e o código do banco e o número do boleto bancário devem ser os mesmos;

It is also important to remember to always check with the information on the bank slip (printed or delivered to your home) that you paid in the previous months. The invoices you receive from the same company/bank every month are generally standardized. Compare them. The bank’s brand and code do not change from month to month.

If you receive a telephone or email notification that you need to replace the proof of payment you received, be careful. Your data is already owned by companies and banks, so never disclose personal information over the phone or email. In case of doubt, consult the issuance of the bank slip with the issuing company.

If in doubt, do not pay and contact the issuer for advice.

Boleto Fies expired

If you are late with the Fies boleto, the only way to pay is to generate the boleto at the agency, because the interest on Fies financing will increase. Interest on these transactions cannot exceed R$50.00 per day.

In some cases, I need you to contact the selected bank by phone or website to request an updated boleto with the corresponding rate.

If the selected bank is available for online option, make a request online and always know the latest information about the missing installment. And if there is any new installment pending payment and keep it up to date, otherwise you may lose this benefit.

FIES 2022 Amendment

FIES 2022 is a source of funding for higher education in private institutions created by the federal government. Offers low interest, and pays student tuition throughout the course. The student will only pay off the scholarship debt with the government at the end of graduation.

After the student is funded by the program, the minimum payment must be kept up to date and the contract must be renewed. Therefore, a contract must be added each semester to prove to the government that you continue to use benefits.

This requirement exists to prevent students who drop out of the course (for example) from continuing to occupy the place of someone who would actually complete the course. Therefore, if the student does not make the amendment before the deadline, he will lose the fies.

O processo de Aditamento Fies 2022 deve ser feito pelo site do programa de financiamento. Para quem assinou contrato com o Fies antes de 2018, o prazo para aditamento foi dia 23 de novembro.

Tipos de aditamento

Como você verá neste tópico, existem dois processos diferentes para o aditamento do Fundo de Financiamento Estudantil Fies, e é por isso que cada processo tem um nome diferente: Aditamento simplificado e não simplificado. Entenda como funciona cada um deles separadamente logo abaixo:

  • Aditamento simplificado – Quando o aluno acessa o SisFies e seus dados estão corretos. Nesse caso, basta confirmar as informações.
  • Aditamento não simplificado – Havendo um ou mais dados incorretos no SisFies, os alunos são obrigados a fornecer os documentos comprovativos pessoalmente.

Como fazer o aditamento

Quando tudo estiver alinhado com seus cursos e financiamento, o processo de inclusão de contratos será muito rápido e simples. Isso porque o programa é totalmente gerenciado online por meio do SisFies 2022.

Por se tratar de um sistema único centralizado, todas as informações de cada aluno são cadastradas desde a matrícula, então, não perca o prazo e confirme seus dados a cada novo semestre.

Ainda não entendeu como deve realizar o aditamento Fies? Então acompanhe as dicas abaixo:

FIES 2022 Amendment
  • Acesse o site do SisFies através do endereço –;
  • Clique em “Aditamento de Contrato”;
  • Informe seu CPF e senha;
  • Agora marque a opção “Não sou um robô” e clique em Entrar.

Prazos para aditamento

O aditamento deve ser realizado semestralmente, com dois prazos distintos:

  • At the beginning of each year, the period generally extends from December to March;
  • Mid-year students have two months to supplement in July and August.

In short, in December and early July of each year, the Committee (CPSA) requires students to visit SisFies and confirm their information. If the data is correct, after the student’s confirmation, the CPSA will issue the “Regulation for Enrollment Document” (DRM), which must be collected in person.


The Standing Committee on Supervision and Surveillance (CPSA) is a department of higher education institutions affiliated with Fies. It is composed of five members, namely:

  • Two representatives from the educational institution;
  • Two representatives of the largest institution representing the institution’s students;
  • One of the institution’s faculty representatives.

The committee is responsible for monitoring the student financing process for students, in addition to starting the process of extending the renewal of the financing contract, it is also responsible for verifying the information provided by the student during registration.

What documents are needed?

When all goes well, students don’t have to worry about any documents other than the DRM released at the end of the process.

However, if the information is incorrect, it is necessary to take the DRM to the bank responsible for the financing, in which case, depending on the individual circumstances, some documents will be required.

What to do in case of problems?

Having information incorrectly registered in the system is a possible problem to occur when making the amendment. In that case, you will need to do the following:

  • Refuse the Fies Amendment;
  • Communicate with your university’s CPSA;
  • Remove DRM (with information that must be corrected);
  • Appear at financial institutions responsible for funding.

In the final phase, you will need supporting documents, but if necessary, you will be advised of the need to update the data. The most important thing to remember is that this process for submitting documents in person can take longer than the online process.

In other words, try not to leave Fies additions until the last minute. Always operate early and if there is a problem, act quickly. Because if you miss the deadline for any reason, you will be excluded from the program.

FIES 2022 result

The Ministry of Education (MEC) released this Tuesday (2) the results of Fies 2021. 93 thousand vacancies will be covered. The pre-selected personnel must complete their application between February 3rd and 5th, 2021. But after all, how do you know the Fies 2022 result?

As soon as it is disclosed, the student will only need to access the following address:

FIES 2022 result
  • Access:
  • Click on “Enter with”
  • Then enter your CPF
  • Finally, click on “Access”

Research can also be carried out at the registered institution. The MEC emphasizes that it is the candidate’s entire responsibility to meet the established deadline.

Difference between Fies and Educa Mais Brasil

The purpose of these two procedures is to allow Brazilian students to enter private higher education. Check the table below to understand the main differences between the programs:


  • Modality:  Financing
  • Creation: government program
  • Interest rate: Varies according to the modality
  • Monthly family income: Up to 5 minimum wages
  • Payment: After the course

Educa Mais Brazil

  • Modality: Scholarship
  • Creation: Private initiative program
  • Interest rate: No interest
  • Monthly family income: Not required
  • Payment: During the course

Students who meet the socioeconomic standards of the Ministry of Education (MEC) can apply for FIES 2022 applications. In addition, (Enem) has become the standard for program selection. Therefore, good performance on the exam will bring candidates closer to the opportunity to obtain funding and enter higher education.

So, did you like today’s post about FIES 2022? Leave in the comments below, your opinion is very important to us. And don’t forget to share the text, on your social networks, so that other people can also have access to this content. To the next.