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The special fund, aimed at workers, called FGTS 2022, is a benefit that generates resources for the government and a fund to assist workers in some specific situations. Since 2008, the Time and Service Guarantee Fund has extended its domain to other infrastructure segments, such as the construction of railways, ports, waterways and highways.

The importance of this fund is not only used for government purposes, but also to finance the acquisition of properties that benefit Brazilian citizens, especially those with lower incomes. But after all, what really is the FGTS? Who can receive? How to pay? All this and more you will see in our article.

So, keep following the information we’ve separated below and don’t let any interesting tips go unnoticed. Come on!

What is FGTS?

The Time and Service Guarantee Fund, also known as the FGTS, is the employees’ Time of Service Guarantee Fund. It was created in 1967 by the Federal Government to protect the employee fired without just cause with the aim of forming a capital resource to help workers.

FGTS 2022

In other words, each month employers are required to make contributions to the Federal Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS). Employees, in certain circumstances (namely unfair dismissal, retirement, serious illness) can receive contributions made by the employer.

Contributions from companies are made in the form of deposits in a bank account with restricted access, in the name of each employee, and these accounts are managed by a Federal Government Institution (Caixa Econômica Federal).

How much does the FGTS earn?

The Law, which provides for the Employment Compensation Fund, No. 8036, of May 11, 1990, stipulates that, in accordance with the parameters set for updating savings deposits and capitalization balances, the deposits made in the accounts linked will be calculated monthly. The currency is revalued at 3% interest per year.

If the employee is dismissed without just cause, the employer must also pay the employee an additional fine, equal to 40% of the FGTS 2022 deposits made in the employee’s account during the time of their employment with the company.

How is FGTS charged?

The FGTS is collected through an account opened at Caixa Econômica Federal, also known as CEF, in the name of each worker. The sum of all these accounts is formed into a single account, used by the government to finance sewage services and infrastructure works.

Payment of the employer’s FGTS

The FGTS 2022 account balance consists of monthly deposits made by the employer equivalent to 8% of the employee’s salary. Deposits are mandatory and must be entered into each worker’s account by the 7th of the month.

The fund must be deposited at any Caixa Econômica Federal branch, or at government-accredited financial institutions, such as lotteries and internet banking services.

According to the law, all companies have an application distributed by the CEF: the Corporate System for Collection of FGTS and Information to the Social Presidency, known as Sefip, which is a corporate system for collecting social security benefits and information.

Through Sefip, the employer can issue and print the FGTS 2022 Collection Guide and Social Security Information, known as GFIP, which is a document that must be presented at all CEF Agencies to make the monthly payment of the Fund Warranty worker.

Who is entitled to the FGTS?

All Brazilian workers who meet any of these conditions are entitled to the FGTS:

  • Rural workers;
  • Temporary workers;
  • Self-employed workers;
  • Non-Employee Director, that is, the employee who in the position of company director has his employment contract suspended, as he cannot occupy the position of employee and employer at the same time;
  • Professional athletes;
  • Domestic workers: they are not necessarily included in the FGTS, the fund must be paid if the employer wishes.

Who can withdraw the FGTS 2022?

Withdraw FGTS 2022

With the FGTS, the worker has the opportunity to compile financial assets that can be withdrawn at special times. And if you still don’t know what they are, just check out the quick list that we’ve separated below:

  • Dismissed without cause;
  • End of employment contract for a certain period;
  • Retirement;
  • Cases of serious illnesses;
  • Construction of real estate, acquisition of real estate, settlement or repayment of debt related to mortgage contracts.

The rules and documentation required for withdrawal vary according to the worker’s situation.

In cases of unfair dismissal, the worker must present at the bank the identity card, employment and social security card and the Term of Termination of the Employment Contract, also known as TRCT, which is the Termination of the Contract document of Work.

The requirements for withdrawing the FGTS in all situations can be consulted on the CEF website and any questions about the benefit will be answered on working days from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, through the following telephone number: 0800 – 726 0101, which can be searched at CEF .

How to consult FGTS 2022?

The Severance Indemnity Fund can be consulted in several ways. This is because Caixa Econômica Federal always aims to make life easier for Brazilian workers with regard to their benefits. Next, we will show, in an explanatory way, how to be carrying out your FGTS 2022 query without major difficulties.

Check out:

Query through Caixa’s website

See FGTS 2022

First access:

  • Access the address www.caixa.gov.br/extrato-fgts
  • Enter your NIS or CPF number and click on “register password”.
  • Read the regulation and click on “accepted”.
  • Fill in all fields with your personal data.
  • Create a password of up to 8 digits, with letters and numbers, and confirm. You will be taken to the login screen again.
  • Fill in the fields with NIS or CPF, enter the registered password and the Access button.

Query by FGTS application

See FGTS 2022

Want to view your statement, request immediate withdrawal and much more? Download the FGTS app and take control. Once it is installed, just open it on your mobile device, inform the NIS or CPF number and click on “Access”.

Consultation via SMS

See FGTS 2022

Caixa offers the service of sending messages via SMS to keep you informed about the regularity of FGTS deposits and balances. Registration is simple and free.

You will receive monthly information about your employer’s deposits and the latest escrow fund balance. When there is a clear withdrawal amount, you will also be notified

Register through the ATM or through the following link:

Consultation through Internet Banking

See FGTS 2022
  • Access : https://internetbanking.caixa.gov.br/sinbc/#!nb/login.

If you are a Caixa customer, you can use internet banking on your computer or Caixa app via your tablet or cell phone. The institution offers the service of sending messages via SMS to keep you informed about the regularity of FGTS deposits and balances.

You can also check the FGTS balance and other information on the website, just login and schedule a time.

How the FGTS 2022 Emergency Withdrawal Works

Provisional Measure No. 946, of April 7, 2020, is part of a series of actions by the federal government in response to the state of health calamity caused by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

The measure authorizes workers with linked accounts and balances to make emergency withdrawals from the FGTS 2022. According to the payment schedule published by CAIXA, the maximum withdrawal amount per worker is R$ 1,045.

Every FGTS account holder (active and inactive accounts) is entitled to withdrawals, and each worker can pay up to 1,045 reais.

Payment of FGTS emergency withdrawal

Payment is made in full through the Digital Social Savings Account, opened automatically by CAIXA on behalf of the workers. The movement of the value of the emergency withdrawal can initially be done digitally and free of charge through the Caixa Tem application, thus avoiding the movement of people to the branch.

After depositing the amount in the digital social savings account, you can use the Caixa Tem app to pay invoices or bills at supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, etc., or use virtual debit cards and QR codes to make purchases.

From the day of receipt of funds for withdrawal or transfer and according to the month of birth, the worker can transfer it to any bank account, free of charge, or withdraw it at CAIXA ATMs and lotteries, using the application Got box.

As for the amounts that can be withdrawn, they may vary according to the account balance, see the table below:

Limit of balance ranges Percentage of balance that can be withdrawn Additional installment

  • Up to R$ 500 50% —–;
  • From BRL 500.01 to BRL 1,000 40% BRL 50;
  • From R$1,000.01 to R$5000 30% R$150;
  • From BRL 5,000.01 to BRL 10,000 20% BRL 650;
  • From BRL 10,000.01 to BRL 15,000 15% BRL 1,150;
  • From BRL 15,000.01 to BRL 20,000 10% BRL 1,900.

Calendar for Emergency Withdrawal

The emergency withdrawal of FGTS 2022 should benefit around 60 million workers, a total of approximately 37.8 billion reais. And the calendar for this type of benefit is established based on the employee’s month of birth.

This table contains the dates corresponding to the credit of the amount in the digital social savings account, the date on which the resource can be used in transactions, and when the resource will be available for withdrawing money or transferring it to other accounts.

For workers who have more than one FGTS account, the sum of the balances of all their Guarantee Fund accounts (active and inactive) is taken into account, this value is a maximum of R$ 1,045.00 per worker.

Remember that, if you have multiple FGTS accounts, you will first withdraw a maximum of 1,045.00 reais from the current employment contract account, starting with the account with the lowest balance.

FGTS Calendar 2022

The benefit withdrawal period begins on the first business day of the beneficiary’s birthday month and continues until the last business day of the second following month. For example: if a worker was born on March 15th, between March 15th and May 31st, his/her birthday loot will be available.

If the beneficiary does not make the withdrawal within the deadline, the amount will be automatically refunded to your account. Therefore, check out the FGTS 2022 calendar below:

  • Born in January: January to March 31;
  • Born in February: February to April 30th;
  • Born in March: March to May 31;
  • Born in April: April to June 30;
  • Born in May: May to July 30th;
  • Born in June: June to August 31;
  • Born in July: July to September 30th;
  • Born in August: August to October 29;
  • Born in September: September to November 30th;
  • Born in October: October to December 31;
  • Born in November: November 2021 to January 31, 2022;
  • Born in December: from December 2021 to February 28, 2022.

Although the date is predetermined, it is important that the worker check the functioning of the Caixa branch on the day the money is withdrawn. For example, on December 31st the bank will be closed, and withdrawals can only be made through the FGTS app.

FGTS 2022 withdrawal

There are four FGTS 2022 withdrawal modalities, in which you can do the entire process through the app or the browser. They are as follows:

  • Emergency withdrawal;
  • Withdrawal-Birthday;
  • Digital withdrawal;
  • Withdrawal-Termination.

Next, we will explain a little about each type of FGTS 2022 withdrawal.


Emergency withdrawal

Immediate withdrawal is a new form authorized by the federal government through provisional measures and is one of the measures to face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea being to allow workers to use part of the FGTS balance immediately.

Workers with a balance in a FGTS account are entitled to make emergency withdrawals, whether active or inactive, withdrawals are single and limited to R$ 1,045.


Allows the worker, the Cash-Anniversary option to withdraw a portion of the FGTS 2022 each year during the month of his/her birthday.

Those who opted for the birthday withdrawal will not be able to use the withdrawal withdrawal and, if they change their mind, they can undo the choice, but only after two years.

For example: If you choose to withdraw money on your birthday in 2020 and regret it, and then return to Cash Out-Termination, it will stay until 2022 in Cash Out-Birthday.

If dismissed without just cause, the employer will still have to pay a fine of 40% of the FGTS value.

Digital withdrawal

The digital withdrawal is a method: the worker can withdraw 100% of the FGTS digitally through the app, whether it is an emergency withdrawal, an annual withdrawal or withdrawal of withdrawal.

With it, the user will be able to consult the available amount and indicate the CAIXA or another bank account to which the money must be deposited. This method was created so that workers do not have to go to the branch.


Termination of withdrawal is the form of initial withdrawal from the FGTS, applicable to workers terminated without just cause; once released, the entire balance of the account can be withdrawn and a fine of 40% of the amount paid by the employer will be applied.

If the employee resigns, the account value will be withheld, and the FGTS cannot be withdrawn. The rules are the same as for anniversary withdrawals, except that workers can only receive part of the funds each year.

How to get FGTS 2022 certificate?

The CND (Social Security Debt Settlement Certificate) is a document that certifies the normality of the company holding the INSS (National Social Security Institute). For example, requests can be made in the case of loans, approvals, bids.

The document is issued by Caixa Econômica Federal. To request it, just follow the steps:

FGTS 2022 certificate
  • First, access the address – https://consulta-crf.caixa.gov.br/consultacrf/pages/consultaEmpregador.jsf;
  • Enter your company’s CNPJ;
  • Enter the verification code;
  • You will be directed to another screen, where you should click on “Get the FGTS Certificate of Regularity”;
  • By clicking on “Preview”, you will be able to print the document!

It is noteworthy that the CRF is valid up to 30 days after its issuance. The document can be renewed 10 days before the expiry date. So it’s important to be aware.

Labor relations in Brazil are governed by the Consolidated Labor Laws and various supplementary laws and regulations. The employee receives a bimonthly statement from the Bank, informing the amounts deposited by the employer, as well as the respective financial updates.

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