ENEM 2022 – Schedule, Notice, Inscription, Template, Result

The Enem 2022 (National High School Examination) was started in 1998, being a standardized and non-mandatory selection process. It is administered and operated by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (INEP) of the Ministry of Education.

The assessment process consists of 180 multiple-choice questions and tests students in five main areas: natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, Portuguese and English or Spanish as a foreign language. Students must also write an essay.

Below, we have another series of interesting information for students who want to learn more about the National High School Exam. Keep following our topics carefully and don’t let any important information go unnoticed!

How does Enem 2022 work?

The Enem, like all the others, will be used as an entrance exam in several Universities, as well as for High School certification. It is also used by individuals wishing to earn points in the University for All’ Program, or ProUni, a federal scholarship program.

ENEM 2022

It consists of 4 objective tests, each containing 45 multiple-choice questions and a dissertation. In total, there are 180 questions that are divided equally into 4 knowledge areas:

Languages, Codes and their Technologies

  • Portuguese Language (Grammar and Reading Comprehension);
  • Modern Foreign Language;
  • Literature;
  • Art;
  • PE;
  • Informatics and Communication.

Mathematics and its technologies

  • Geometry;
  • Math.

Natural Sciences and Technology s

  • Chemistry;
  • Physics;
  • Biology.

Human Sciences and Technologies

  • Geography;
  • Story;
  • Philosophy;
  • Sociology;
  • General knowledge.

How does the calculation of Enem grades work?

The so-called item response theory (IRT) is used, which takes into account the difficulty of each question and the candidate’s resourcefulness in the multiple-choice test. The Enem 2022 website has a detailed description of this method.

The Enem 2022 essay is manually corrected by two different evaluators, who assign scores from 0 to 200 points for each of the five skills evaluated.

The final score can reach 1000 for each skill. The student’s final grade will be the arithmetic average of the grades given by the two corrections. If the ratings of the two appraisers are very different, a third broker will be asked.

Schedule Enem 2022

As the preparation must be done from the beginning of the year, the Enem 2022 schedule already starts in the third month of the announcement of the notice, in March. It is through this document that you have access to the rules, changes, dates and all the necessary information about the people who will carry out this selection process.

The Enem 2022 schedule is one of the main details that must be followed, as it will contain all the dates and deadlines related to the exam. See the order of disclosure:

Notice – First document released, it includes all data on entries, tests and results.

Exemption – Low-income students may request their exemption, if approved they will not pay the exam fee;

Enrollment and payment – At this stage, students will enroll and print the ticket and pay it off;

Confirmation card – On the portal, the student can print their confirmation card, with important information, such as the time and place of the test;

ExamExam days;

Feedback – Through the feedback, the candidate will be able to know how he did in the test;

Result – Official day that the result is published, so you can check how many points you got in each modality.

Participant page Enem 2022

The Enem participant page is a virtual place where students can access all information about the test. Thus, he can easily and quickly locate the most important data on the website for his approval.

The process is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes. See the walkthrough below:

ENEM 2022 Participant Page
  • Go to the Inep portal – https://sso.acesso.gov.br/login?client_id=contas.acesso.gov.br&authorization_id=17922a1e8b8;
  • Click on “Participant Page”;
  • Log in to the Enem 2022 page with your CPF
  • Click on next and enter your password;
  • Click forward again and find what you need.

On the Enem 2022 participant page, you can find the schedule of the next test, notices, FAQ, and the option to register.

It is interesting to emphasize that the login can only be done with the CPF number registered at the time of registration, even in previous years. Then just click “Submit” and verify that all information is correct on the participant’s page.

Public Notice Enem 2022

The notice contains all information related to Enem, including date and time, and covers everything from the registration process to the disclosure of personal results.

Therefore, whoever intends to take the Enem 2022 test must read the document carefully, otherwise, they may not be able to participate or be eliminated, and will have to wait another year.

Check out all the information that the Enem public notice presents:

Preliminary provisions : general information about Enem, including test schedules;

Enem Schedule : start and end dates of the enrollment period, requests for exemption, justification for absence, request to use the social name, payment of the enrollment fee and application of tests;

Objectives : what is Enem for and how candidates can use their grades;
Exam Structure: information about the Exam exams, such as the number of questions and subjects required in each area of ​​knowledge;

Exemption from the application fee : how to request an exemption, who is entitled and how to know if the application has been accepted;

Justification of absence in the previous edition : explains how candidates who requested exemption in the previous edition and missed the tests must justify their absence, in order to be able to request exemption from payment of the fee again;

Exemption Request Appeal : clarifies how those who had their request for an exemption refused can appeal;

Registration : this part of the notice contains all information about the registration process, including the fee and service request;

Enrollment confirmation : how to make sure that enrollment has been successfully completed and registered;

Examination location : information about the locations where the exams will be applied;

Schedules : brings all the schedules of Enem 2022, including the opening of the gates, closing and minimum waiting time to leave the tasting room;

Participant identification : accepted documents and what to do in case of forgetfulness, theft or robbery;

Guidelines for test days : guides the candidate on what to take and how to act (or not) on test days.

Eliminations : points out what can cause a candidate to be eliminated from Enem;

Correction of tests : explains the process of correction of objective tests and the essay;

Results : deadline for dissemination of the test templates and individual results, as well as instructions for accessing the data;

Final provisions : additional information about Enem, which is not included in the other sections of the notice.

How to get Enem 2022 exemption?

The first step is to analyze whether the candidate fits the conditions that guarantee fee exemption in the National High School Exam. And if you still don’t know which ones they are, we’ve separated each one of them in a list below.

Check out:

01. Public school students in the last year of high school.

02. Candidates whose monthly income does not exceed half of the minimum wage, have attended all secondary schools in the public network or have received a full scholarship in the private network.

03. Candidates who declare themselves in a situation of economic vulnerability have participated in the Single Registry of the Social Program of the Federal Government (CadÚnico), and the per capita household income will not exceed half of the minimum wage, or the monthly family income will not exceed the minimum wage of three people.

It is possible to apply for the exemption on the internet, on the Enem-Inep website. Understand better with the step by step below:

  • Visit the Participant page of the official Enem website;
  • Access the option “Exemption from Enem”;
  • Enter your CPF, date of birth, correctly select the desired photo and click “Send”;
  • Read the terms of the waiver request, check the “I’ve read and agree” checkbox, and click “Continue”;
  • On the next screen, verify your personal details and then fill in the address details. Click “Continue”;
  • Fill in the information about high school and click “Continue”;
  • Enter your NIS number, if so, verify the information and click “Continue”;
  • Please confirm that all data is correct. This information will be verified by Inep;
  • Fill in the contact information (phone and email);
  • Create a password that will be used to monitor the progress of your request;
  • On the request completion screen, confirm that all information is correct and click “Submit Request”.

ENEM 2022 registration

It is possible, through the Inep website, to register the ENEM 2022. On the platform, follow the steps indicated and fill in all the requested information. Entry fees vary from year to year and exemptions may also be granted.

ENEM 2022 registration
  • Visit: enem.inep.gov.br .
  • After the page loads, inform the data that will be requested (CPF, Date of Birth);
  • Proceed by filling out a registration form, with more personal data, in addition to the address;
  • Once this is done, the next step will be to create a password with a minimum of 6 digits and a maximum of 10;
  • Continuing, choose a foreign language of your choice to take the test (English or Spanish);
  • Now enter some data related to your situation in high school;
  • After that, you will be asked some questions related to your household income;
  • Finally, print the bank slip and pay it within the established deadline.

It is interesting to note that, unless you have requested the Enem 2022 exemption, the bank slip will need to be paid by the due date that will appear on it. Otherwise, the subscription will be cancelled.

Proof of Enem participation will be available on the INEP website. In addition, the card will contain the candidate’s registration number, date, time, location of the exam, foreign language (English or Spanish) and, if applicable, a certification request.

If the applicant wishes to obtain special accommodation, in this case, he/she must present the appropriate documents in the option “Special accommodation request” immediately after registration.

Consult Enem 2022 test site

Well, as with the other processes of the National Secondary Education Examination, the Enem 2022 test location will appear on each student’s registration card. The consultation must be carried out through the internet, on the participant’s page. Understand better with the following step by step:

Enem 2022 Test Site

Step 01 . First, access your Participant Page on the gov.br official website – https://sso.acesso.gov.br/login?client_id=contas.acesso.gov.br&authorization_id=179246b5dde;

Step 02 . Now enter your Login data, such as CPF and password;

Step 03 . When logging in to your participant page, click on the “Place of Evidence” option to download your statement;

Step 04 . Finally, you will have to select the desired test application day and the information that will appear there.

How is the test applied?

The tests take place in 2 days, being Saturday and Sunday. For those who have never participated in the Enem 2022 test, we will clarify the steps of this process.

ENEM 2022 test

Come on!

First day

  • Areas of knowledge : Humanities / human sciences and their technologies and natural sciences and their technologies;
  • Total items : Both tests consist of 90 questions (45 questions in each knowledge area);
  • Duration : 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Second day

  • Areas of Knowledge : Languages, Codes and its Technologies and Mathematics, Code and its Technologies;
  • Total questions : 90 questions (45 questions in each knowledge area);
  • Duration : 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Subjects that most fall in Enem

According to studies carried out, the themes that fall the most in the National Secondary Education Examination – Enem – in each subject are:

Human Sciences and its Technologies


  • 1st place: World War II (13.6%);
  • 2nd place: 2nd Reign (12.3%);
  • 3rd place: Post-military regime governments (12.3%);
  • 4th place: Era Vargas (11.1%);
  • 5th place: The Old Republic (9.9%).


  • 1st place: Environmental issues (15.5%);
  • 2nd place: Climatology (10.4%);
  • 3rd place: Urbanization (10.4%);
  • 4th place: Globalization (9.1%);
  • 5th place: Cartography (6.5%).


  • 1st place: Aristotle and the Hellenistic school (18.8%);
  • 2nd place: Modern Rationalism (18.8%);
  • 3rd place: Sophistical school, Socrates and Plato (12.5%);
  • 4th place: Contemporary Philosophy (12.4%);
  • 5th place: Frankfurt School (9.4%).


  • 1st place: Contemporary sociology (28.6%);
  • 2nd place: Citizenship (14.3%);
  • 3rd place: Culture and education (14.3%);
  • 4th place: Capitalism (7.1%);
  • 5th place: Economy and society (7.1%).

Natural Sciences and its Technologies


  • 1st place: Immune system (9.9%);
  • 2nd place: Ecosystem (8.5%);
  • 3rd place: Fundamentals of Ecology (8.5%);
  • 4th place: DNA and RNA (5.6%);
  • 5th place: Genetics (5.6%).


  • 1st place: Chemical bonds, polarity and forces (13.4%);
  • 2nd place: Organic reactions (11%);
  • 3rd place: Organic compounds (9.8%);
  • 4th place: Electrochemistry (8.5%);
  • 5th place: Weight laws and stoichiometry (8.5%).


  • 1st place: Acoustics (11%);
  • 2nd place: Energy, work and power (8.2%);
  • 3rd place: Resistors (8.2%);
  • 4th place: Calorimetry (5.5%);
  • 5th place: Impulse, amount of movement and dimensional analysis (5.5%).

Languages, Codes and their Technologies

Portuguese Language and Literature

  • 1st place: Contemporary trends (28%);
  • 2nd place: Structure and word formation (21%);
  • 3rd place: Score (10%);
  • 4th place: Word class (7%);
  • 5th place: Verb (7%).

Text interpretation

  • 1st place: Textuality (31%);
  • 2nd place: Types of text (19%);
  • 3rd place: Analysis of the person, space and time; (14%);
  • 4th place: Language functions (13%);
  • 5th place: Narrativity (9%).


  • 1st place: Sport and show (29%);
  • 2nd place: Influence of the media on the body (29%).


  • 1st place: Contemporary Art (60%);
  • 2nd place: Art in the 15th and 16th centuries (10%);
  • 3rd place: Basic Elements of Plastic Arts (10%);
  • 4th place: Basic Elements of Music (10%);
  • 5th place: Music in the 20th century (5%).

Mathematics and its Technologies


  • 1st place: 1st and 2nd degree problems (17%);
  • 2nd place: Proportional quantities and algebraic means (14%);
  • 3rd place: Percentage and Financial Mathematics (11%);
  • 4th place: Functions (6%);
  • 5th place: Basic notions of statistics (6%).

Writing Enem 2022

Writing ENEM 2022

In the writing of Enem 2022, a theme phrase is given, which is usually current topics in Brazilian society and which require a position from the participants.

Text suggestions are accompanied by supporting texts, which can be scientific research, news, drawings or other illustrations. It must be written in 30 lines in the form of an argumentative dissertation.

The criteria for correction of the Enem wording are as follows:

The broker assigns five skills to knowledge levels ranging from 0 to 200 to form the final level. Students must prove in their text:

  • Understand the subject;
  • Mastery of standard written language
  • Organize information and arguments;
  • Use logic correctly;
  • Propose an intervention plan for the problem.

Simulated Enem 2022

Taking the Enem 2022 exam is an important and effective way to prepare for the exams. In addition to staying on top of the type of test you’ll face, it also allows you to develop and test your own strategies.

Below, we’ve selected 4 sites that offer free simulations to help you learn. Check out:

Simulated Uncomplicates

Simulated Enem

This site provides proofs in the areas of: language, humanities, writing, natural sciences and mathematics. You run one test at a time and view the results you get.

  • Access: https://simulado.descomplica.com.br/

Brazil School

Simulated Enem

After registering for free on the site, you can access several ready-made simulations. There are questions by area and each one has 45 questions.

  • Access: https://vestibular.brasilescola.uol.com.br/enem/simulado

Free Enem Course

Simulated Enem

The course only provides 10 questions at a time. Feedback will appear and provide guidance on the topics you missed. These questions are divided by disciplines and subjects. Registration on the platform is done quickly.

  • Access: https://cursoenemgratuito.com.br/simulados-enem/

Enem’s App

Simulated Enem

Did you know that it is possible to carry out official simulations with the Enem 2022 app? The app provides students with their own official exam tests. The app can be used on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Access: https://enem.inep.gov.br/aplicativo.html

How to consult the Enem 2022 Feedback

As well as organizing the competition, the dissemination of the Enem 2022 results is in charge of Inep. The results are published on Inep’s website. To consult the Enem 2022 template, follow the step by step below:

ENEM 2022 Template
  • Access https://www.gov.br/inep/pt-br/areas-de-atuacao/avaliacao-e-exames-educacionais/enem/provas-e-gabaritos;
  • Click on the year of the test you want to see the Enem feedback
  • View the answers according to the notebook.

How to consult the Enem 2022 Results

Enem will not publish an “approved list”. Applicants need to visit the participant page, and confirm the CPF/registration number and password to view their personal score.

You can also consult the official Enem App – available for free download on the website.

To see the test scores, it is necessary to consult the Enem result through the participant’s page. See how to do it below:

ENEM 2022 result
  • Access https://enem.inep.gov.br/participante/#!/;
  • Inform your CPF;
  • Then the password;
  • Click Result.

Enem explores knowledge and applies interdisciplinary concepts in exam preparation. Therefore, students taking the exam are challenged to demonstrate logical reasoning and interpretation skills.

In addition, the exam expects the candidate to be able to write texts with essay elements, develop their arguments and defend their points of view.

Upon obtaining a good Enem 2022 grade, the student will be able to enter several competitive public and private universities. He gets a kind of “passport” to even enter some universities abroad.

So, did you like today’s post about Enem 2022? Leave in the comments below, your opinion is very important to us. And don’t forget to share the text so that other people can also have access to that content. To the next.