ENCCEJA 2022 — Schedule, Registration, Participant Page

Do you know what the abbreviation Encceja 2022 means? Well, it is an acronym for the National Examination for the Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults. Since 2017, exams are a way to complete your studies without having to go back to school. However, many people still do not have the knowledge about this selection process.

So in today’s post you will know everything about Encceja and clarify all your doubts about the test. Check out the information below.


The National Examination for the Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults (Encceja) is a test carried out by Inep in cooperation with the state and municipal education secretariats.


Its purpose is to provide nationwide “high school completion certificates” and “elementary school completion certificates” to those who have never attended school or have not had a chance to complete their studies at the appropriate school age.

The Encceja 2022 certificate has the same value as an elementary or high school diploma, as it officially recognizes that the student has completed all subjects in the basic curriculum.

ENCCEJA 2022 Schedule

As the Encceja 2022 schedule has not yet been published, below we will leave the dates of each stage of the selection process referring to the year 2021.

However, it is up to each student to keep an eye on the site so as not to miss any updates. Check out the schedule below:

  • Notice 11/27/2020;
  • Justification of absence 12-20/12/2020;
  • Applications Closed 11/01/2021-27/01-2021;
  • Specialized service requests 01/11/2021-27/01-2021;
  • Study for exams;
  • Confirmation Card In April;
  • Evidence 04/25/2021;
  • Results Please wait.

Who can take ENCCEJA 2022?

Those who are 15 years of age (to obtain the primary school certificate) or over 18 (to obtain the high school certificate), regardless of having a day at school. Soon the test will be provided to all those who wish to obtain certification.

People over 18 years old can enroll in Encceja 2022, even if they do not have the certification obtained in elementary school.

Encceja is available to all Brazilians, including those deprived of liberty (such as prisoners) and those living abroad. That’s why there are four different timelines to:

  • Encceja Nacional: applicable to Brazilian residents;
  • Encceja Nacional PPL: applicable to Brazilian residents deprived of liberty or who comply with socio-educational measures;
  • Encceja Exterior: for Brazilians living abroad;
  • Encceja Exterior PPL: applicable to residents abroad who have been deprived of their liberty or who have implemented social education measures.

ENCCEJA 2022 registration

Encceja is done once a year, so you should be on schedule. To register, it is necessary to access the official exam website within the deadline stipulated by the MEC and inform the CPF number, identification document and valid e-mail address.

For people deprived of liberty and young people in a social education system, the person responsible will inform the Caixa Central de Previdência, RG or internal RG upon registration.

ENCCEJA 2022 registration

Step 01: Access: enccejanacional.inep.gov.br .

Step 02: When signing up, you will need to choose the type of test you want to take: Encceja for High School or Encceja for Elementary School.

Step 03: You also need to choose the area you want, as someone who is partially proficient in certain areas does not need to repeat the test. However, those who do not have this statement must mark all alternatives.

Step 04: Encceja 2022 subscription is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying any fees.

Step 05: In this process, candidates must complete a personal information form and respond to the “Social Economic Research Form”. The following data will be needed:

  • CPF, if the candidate is over 18 years of age;
  • Identity Card (RG), if the candidate is over 15 years old and does not have a CPF;
  • Valid individual email address and cell phone number;
  • If you need any specialized and/or specific assistance;
  • The type of school completion certification you are seeking (Elementary or High School);
  • The tests you want to be certified on;
  • Certificate of completion of Elementary School or partial declaration of proficiency.

Step 06: After filling out the form and “Socioeconomic Research Form”, check if the registration was filled out correctly. The system will display the data you have filled in and your registration number.

Step 07: Important note: if you need to change any information on the form, you can change it during the registration period. Data from the socioeconomic questionnaire cannot be changed later.

Step 08: Candidates must print the registration certificate and hand it in on the day of the exam. You can use the candidate’s CPF and registered password to check the registration status on the Encceja participant page at any time.

You can also view information about the exam, such as the date, time, and location of the exam (posted closer to the assessment date, not at registration), as well as candidates’ personal scores.

Encceja allows the use of social names and provides services for people with disabilities. If you are suitable for any of the above situations, rest assured.

Proof of ENCCEJA 2022

The structure of the Encceja exam is similar to that of Enem, the exam content is based on the content required by all schools in the national public primary and secondary education network. After all, the exam is intended to test your specific level of knowledge on the subject of these courses.

The Encceja 2022 contains four tests, each containing 30 multiple-choice questions, and an Essay. These tests assess course knowledge/components in the following areas:

Proof of ENCCEJA 2022

Elementary School

  • Portuguese Language (Portuguese and Writing);
  • Modern Foreign Language (English and Spanish);
  • Art;
  • PE;
  • Math;
  • Story;
  • Geography;
  • Philosophy and sociology;
  • Natural Sciences.

High school

  • Languages, Codes and their Technologies: Portuguese Language (Portuguese and Writing), Modern Foreign Language (English and Spanish), Arts, Physical Education;
  • Mathematics and its Technologies: Mathematics and Algebra;
  • Human Sciences and its Technologies: History, Geography, Philosophy and Sociology;
  • Natural Sciences and its Technologies: Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Test scores are calculated based on Item Response Theory (TRI), which can recognize “kick”, so the average score is not proportional to the number of correct answers due to the difficulty of the questions: easy, medium and difficult.

If the participant achieves at least 100 (one hundred) points in each of Encceja’s areas of knowledge and scores equal to or greater than 5.0 (five) points in the writing test, which ranges from 0 (zero) to 10 (ten) , will be considered qualified.

To receive a degree, you must meet at least the minimum requirements in all subjects. However, it is possible to obtain a declaration of partial proficiency on a test where you have achieved a sufficient level.

For example: If you get the required grades in language, writing, and math, but don’t get 100 points in the humanities and sciences, you can only retake the grades you didn’t pass.

The exam is performed in one day only, but it is divided into the morning and afternoon shifts. Therefore, it is important to get organized, because between one race and another, you will have a lunch break.

Writing of Encceja 2022

For the test, it is necessary to write a dissertation-argumentative text, presenting a point of view (opinion) on the requested topic.

The essay should be divided into at least 3 paragraphs: introduction, development and conclusion (show what should be done to improve the situation). Be very careful not to get off topic and respect the standard language policy.

Pay attention to accents, spelling of words and punctuation marks according to grammatical rules.

Write a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 lines. The more information you enter in the dissertation, the more you will demonstrate that you are able to argue.

Present some kind of solution to alleviate the problem being addressed in the text.

ENCCEJA Participant Page

To view the required information, go to the Encceja 2022 participant page, you need:

ENCCEJA Participant Page
  • Visit the Inep portal and click on the participant’s page;
  • Enter your CPF number and the password you registered when registering for the exam;
  • Identify the figure that appears right after;
  • After that, just click “Submit”. You will have access to all information!

If you forget your password, don’t despair. Just follow the step by step below to create a new password and gain access to the ENCEJJA participant page. Check out:

Click on “Password Recovery Guidelines”. Inep also created more guidelines for accessing the Encceja participant’s page, for those who do not remember their previously registered password.

ENCCEJA 2022 result

If you are looking for information about the result of Encceja, stay tuned for this step. Step by step how to view the exam notes.

ENCCEJA 2022 result


  • Visit the Encceja participant page;
  • Enter the CPF, registered password and the number shown below;
  • Click on the required edition and you’re done! See your notes.

To obtain the certificate of completion, participants must achieve at least 100 points in each knowledge area. In the essay, a score equal to or greater than 5 points must be obtained.

According to Inep, candidates must print this document and then go to the certification institution listed in the test notification. It can be a federal institute of technological education or a state education department. It is important to remember that every institution has a deadline for issuing this certificate.

As we all know, learning is the first step in improving life. The more education you receive, the better your chances for a successful career!

ENCCEJA 2022 Simulation

A practical way to test the knowledge level of candidates is through online simulations. This way you can answer the questions that came up in the previous version and analyze your performance based on the test.

Encceja handouts

ENCCEJA 2022 Simulation

Those preparing for Encceja 2022 will find a set of teaching materials on the Inep portal (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira). In addition to problem books and templates for previous applications, free handouts are also provided, the content of which is particularly suitable for those wishing to obtain certification.

The skills verified by the National Examination for the Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults are different from other tests in that they are aimed at people who cannot complete their studies at the appropriate age.

These questions are designed to assess technical and scientific knowledge as part of the school curriculum through everyday problem situations. It is a way of evaluating their skills based on the professional, social and cultural relationships they have acquired throughout their lives.

Student’s book

ENCCEJA 2022 Simulation


Unlike traditional textbooks, the Student Book developed by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in cooperation with Inep helps to better understand what will be charged for the exam. Each chapter explains the knowledge that will assess a participant’s abilities.

It then teaches you how to develop these skills through activities. Answers to the exercises can be found at the end of this chapter. Workbooks are provided in the four knowledge areas assessed in the test.

These books can be provided by level of education and area of ​​knowledge. Inep offers regular accessibility testing and testing questions from the past few years. By clicking on the “certificate” button, the user will open a zipped file containing the four individual tests.

For basic education, it offers:

  • Natural Science Problem Book
  • History and geography
  • Math
  • Portuguese
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • art and sports

On the other hand, for high schools, you can access the Natural Sciences and Technology Questionbooks. Humanities and its technology; mathematics and its technology; language, code and its technology.

ENCCEJA 2022 Certificate

When someone doesn’t get the desired result in an important event, it’s very common that they end up getting discouraged to try again, right? And when we talk about youth and adult education, it can be even more complicated for some people to have to retake the entire exam, mainly due to personal life and work routine.

Therefore, the partial declaration makes the test “easier” and less tiring on the next try, as you will only need to perform the skills that you didn’t reach the predicted grade. Thus, it is possible to better organize the study plan.

ENCCEJA 2022 Certificate

It is noteworthy that the Encceja 2022 is of great relevance because it follows a style very similar to the Enem, in addition to having similar abilities and skills. Therefore, you do not need to stop studying Enem because you have not yet obtained the Encceja certificate. On the contrary, it can unify them.

The institution that issues part of the Encceja 2022 certificate is the same one selected at the time of registration, in which the Adhesion Term to Encceja was signed together with Inep. The Encceja application process depends on each institution and can be done in person or online. The list of 383 certifying institutions is included in the examination notice.

Therefore, a good tip is to check the address closest to your home before filling out the application form. Otherwise, the certification process will be more complex.

The process for receiving the partial declaration is:

  • Confirm the requested documents with the certifying institution, accessing your login on the website or contacting us;
  • Check if the process is in person or online;
  • Gather the required documents ― in general, CPF, RG and performance report (you can find them on Encceja’s participant page);
  • Go to the institution or fill in the application form on the Internet;
  • After submitting the documents or filling out the online application, you will receive the agreement that must be followed;
  • Finally, wait the prescribed period to obtain the certificate.

Anyone who obtains the required grades in the four areas of knowledge and work can obtain an elementary or high school certificate issued by the State Departments of Education. The Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology are also exam certifiers, but only during high school.

The Encceja 2022 Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology is also the certifier of the exam, but only during high school.

Those who obtained the lowest scores in only a few areas of knowledge will be entitled to a partial proficiency statement. In this case, participants can apply for free and only apply in areas where the required scores are not met in the next edition of the exam.

Exam participants must look for the certification body of their choice during the registration process. Furthermore, there are other curiosities that many people do not know about Inep Encceja:

  • Since 2002, Inep has been responsible for applying Encceja in Brazil and abroad;
  • Since 2017, four annual editions have been held: regular national, national PPL, foreign and foreign PPL.

Encceja Exterior is used in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Encceja PPL has established a partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security for persons deprived of liberty.

So, did you like today’s post about Encceja 2022? Leave in the comments below, your opinion is very important to us. And don’t forget to share the text, on your social networks, so that other people can also have access to this content. To the next.