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The Educa Mais Brasil 2022 program is recognized as the largest, for the purpose of educational inclusion due to its operations in all Brazilian states, providing scholarships for all levels of education and benefiting thousands of students who do not have the opportunity to study without the tuition discount .

The result reflects 17 years of work and dedication to education. As a result, the program has already benefited more than 900,000 students with scholarships.

And you, want to be a part and don’t know how Educa Mais Brasil 2022 works? We’ll explain more about the program in today’s post. Check out:

How does Educa Mais Brasil 2022 work?

Educa Mais Brasil is a website that offers scholarships in the following education categories: higher education, basic education, technical education, languages, postgraduate studies, exam preparation, entrance exam preparation, professional courses, etc.

According to the platform, vacancies can provide up to 70% off. To secure the scholarship, applicants must pay the admission fee, which may vary for each course and educational institution.

Educa Mais Brazil

Enrolled students must pay semiannually to ensure scholarship maintenance. Otherwise, you will lose the right to monthly discounts. The fellowship will be reinstated when the renewal fee is paid.

And for students who intend to enter the university, the program offers scholarships approved by the MEC for on-site and distance courses.

Enrollment Educa Mais Brazil 2022

After students research and find the scholarship they are interested in, they can apply on the website. There is no need to send any type of document, just fill in your personal and contact details.

After registering, the user can access the student portal on the Educa Mais Brasil website, where they can access monthly payment slips, cancel scholarships and obtain guidance on the registration process.

membership fee

To guarantee the scholarship rights acquired on the Educa Mais Brasil 2022 website, it is necessary to pay a membership fee. This fee is equivalent to the regular monthly installment (excluding the scholarship discount percentage).

After paying this registration fee, you can:

  • Up to 100% discount on registration or first month fee.
  • Scholarship from the second month.

The membership fee can be paid by credit card or bank slip.

renewal fee

For the maintenance of the Bolsa Educa Mais Brasil, the renewal fee must be paid at the beginning of each semester of the course. The cost is calculated monthly and specified in the contract.

How to access the Educa Mais Brasil student portal?

Educa Mais Brasil provides two ways to access the student portal: one through the official Educa website and the other through the portal’s specific website. Both methods are very easy to access, as long as the student is connected to the Internet.

The Educa Mais Brasil 2022 student portal can be accessed through smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices. See below how to visit it through the two available sites:

Educa Mais Brasil official website

Educa Mais Brazil
  • Access –
  • In the upper right corner of this page, click on “Login” ;
  • Enter your CPF number;
  • Click on the orange arrow.

Student portal specific site

Educa Mais Brazil
  • Access –;
  • After the page loads, enter your CPF;
  • Finally, click on “Login”.

Ready! All data requested by the system are notified and available services can be accessed.

See how easy it is? In the student portal, in addition to automatic approval, it is also possible to view important information about the scholarship, contract details, eliminate unresolved doubts, etc.

Services available on the Educa Mais Brasil 2022 student portal

As already mentioned, the student portal is a very important tool for anyone who applies or has already received a scholarship, as the student can view all the information through it.

Through the Educa Mais Brasil 2022 student portal, they can perform the following services:

  • Value query;
  • Expiration query;
  • Billet printing;
  • Issue of the 2nd copy of Boleto Educa Mais Brasil;
  • Change of scholarship when enrollment has not yet been made;
  • Issuance of the renewal/addition fee;
  • Re-registration and alteration of data;
  • Access to the “Frequently Asked Questions” menu.

Criteria and requirements for registering on the Educa Mais Brasil website

The main requirement is not to be affiliated with the educational institution that awards the scholarship. Therefore, whoever is already a student cannot apply for a scholarship to reduce the tuition fee.

For example, if the person has already attended a private university in the first semester, there is no way to obtain the Educa Mais Brasil 2022 scholarship to reduce the cost in the following semester until the end of the course.

Although the website states that the purpose of the scholarship is “for those who cannot study without benefits”, in fact, there is no need for proof of income or similar.

Courses Offered Educa Mais Brasil 2022

Educa Mais Brasil offers a wide range of courses. There are courses in the humanities, exact and biological sciences, as well as bachelor’s, licentiate’s and technical areas.

The offer varies according to the vacancies remaining after each entrance exam and based on negotiations between Educa Mais Brasil and the university. However, in general, certain courses are generally always available. See the most common:

Educa Mais Brazil

Exact courses

  • Architecture and urbanism
  • computing
  • Industrial draw
  • environmental engineering
  • civil Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • mechanical Engineering
  • production engineering
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Industrial chemistry

Humanities Courses

  • Management
  • accounting sciences
  • Right
  • Gastronomy
  • Story
  • geography
  • Journalism
  • Letters
  • Pedagogy
  • psychology
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Tourism

Biological courses

  • Biology
  • biomedicine
  • PE
  • Aesthetics and Cosmetics
  • Nursing
  • Drugstore
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Environmental management
  • veterinary Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Radiology

Educa Mais Brasil elementary school

Elementary school is divided into nine years, and currently they are divided into two categories: Beginning Years and Final Years. Both are extremely important for the academic and personal formation of children.

For example: in the first grade of elementary school, they learned to read and write, and begin to understand more complex topics related to science, Portuguese and others.

Elementary school I is aimed at children aged 6 to 10 years, and each grade (1st to 5th grade) is aimed at children of a specific age: in 1st grade, children must be six years old and so on.

Do you want to provide your children with a quality and excellent education in the best private schools without affecting your budget? Through Educa Mais Brasil 2022, you can enter schools at Escola Educação Infantil and have the opportunity to receive even 50% discount on tuition fees.

In addition to being a pioneer in granting scholarships to basic education schools, Educa Mais Brasil has also been helping several Brazilian students to participate in language courses, technical courses and other types of teaching.

Partner Institutions of Educa Mais Brazil

There are hundreds of universities and the list changes from time to time. Universities associated with Educa Mais Brasil are located in all states of the country. The program has partnerships with educational institutions across the country, and all partner faculties are accredited by the MEC.

Are they:

  • Estacio;
  • Unopar;
  • Pvt;
  • Anhanguera;
  • Fael;
  • Unicesumar EAD;
  • Uniasselvi;
  • University of Cruzeiro do Sul.

Programs similar to Educa Mais Brasil

What university do you go to? This is one of the concerns of those who want to attend higher education, especially with regard to the quality of the institution and the courses offered.

The three federal government programs for admission to universities are Sisu, ProUni and FIES, both requiring students to take the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) once a year, usually in November, to enter one of them. .

All programs enroll students twice a year (from the beginning and a half), which increases the chances of getting a place. But what is ENEM anyway?

And either

And either

The ENEM (National High School Examination) was started in 1998. It is a standardized and non-mandatory exam. Administered and operated by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (INEP) of the Ministry of Education.

Your test consists of 180 multiple-choice questions and tests students in five main areas: natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, Portuguese and English or Spanish as a foreign language. Students must also write an essay.



SiSU is a MEC (Ministry of Education) program that provides places at universities and public institutions for students participating in Enem and scores above zero in tests and writing. Some universities require students to apply for the minimum grades they apply for.

Your selection process takes place before the start of each semester. Applicants have approximately three days to choose the courses they wish to apply for. This procedure is fully computerized – it retrieves Enem scores and selects the best candidates for vacancies, shifts, courses, universities and modalities.



ProUni – University for All Program – was created in 2004 and formally instituted by the Federal Government on January 13, 2005 in accordance with Law 11.096. It aims to provide full (100%) and partial (50%) scholarships to private universities.

To enroll, the student must take the Enem test with a minimum grade of 450, and the grade on the writing test does not go to zero, in addition to meeting at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have attended all secondary schools in a public school;
  • All or part of secondary education in private schools that received full scholarships;
    Physical disability;
  • Acting as a teacher in the public basic education network and applying for courses in pedagogy, general, higher education or graduation (in this case, family income does not matter).

To complete the process, you must select two options for the desired course at one or more educational institutions in order of priority. You can filter the options by educational institution, course or city. (As long as the registration period is open, you can change the course options).

In the description of the chosen course, you must also choose the type of scholarship required – quota or broad competition. The quota is for students with disabilities, blacks, Indians or browns.

  • Integral Scholarship: The total monthly income of the student’s family cannot exceed half the minimum wage per person.
  • Partial scholarship: The total monthly income of the student’s family must reach a maximum of three minimum wages per person.



The FIES (Student Financing Fund) was created with the aim of providing resources for higher education to students who are unable to pay tuition fees. In this program, the student will have two financing options and the choice will be made based on family income.

Funding payments will only start after completion and to participate in the selection, the student must have done some edition of Enem from 2010 onwards.

Throughout the course, Fies will be responsible for paying the tuition fee (or percentage provided for in the contract) directly to the university. In return, students will only need to pay the expenses specified in the contract and pay the full cost of life insurance (required when taking out the loan).

Upon graduation, students must begin paying the outstanding balance immediately. If the student finds a job or opens a business, the installment payment will be automatically deducted from the source of income according to a government calculation.

The government estimates the maximum debt repayment period to be 14 years.

Educa Mais Brazil telephone

The Educa Mais Brasil service option is one of the ways available for scholarship holders and potential candidates to get in touch for information. Even after enrolling, it is common for students to have doubts about the subsidy benefit during the entire process of using it.

The program has a call center team made up of qualified and trained professionals to answer the phone and guide candidates on all types of education offered by the program.

Meeting the needs of students, all support is provided in a safe and personalized way. With 0800 Educa Mais Brasil 2022, you can receive follow-up information about your application, find out how to apply on the website for scholarships, request cancellations, refunds and other services.

Educa Mais Brazil Telephone 0800

To contact Educa Mais Brasil, if you live in the capital or metropolitan region, you must dial 4007-2020, if you want to call from another location, you must dial 0800-724-7202.

The hours of operation of the services provided on this channel are from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 8:40 pm, and on Saturdays, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are other support services. Such as:

WhatsApp Educa Mais Brazil

0800-724-7202 is also a number enabled to receive messages.


Access the Educa Mais Brasil website and click on the “message” icon in the lower right corner of the page. You will have a virtual question assistant. The process is fully computerized and has a huge database, with the most frequent difficulties among scholarship recipients and candidates.

Educa Mais Brasil Telephone: schedule the call

If for some reason you are unable to access the Educa Mais Brasil telephone number, the program may call you. The “let’s call you” is located at the bottom of the Educa page and can also be arranged so that the operator can call at the most convenient time of day.

When accessing the page, enter your CPF, valid e-mail address, mobile number, name, program contact time (from 8 am to 8 pm), or if you want to speak now, select “as soon as possible”.

Another option is to use Reclame Aqui Educa Mais Brasil. The company has a good reputation on the whistleblowing site and is one of the nominees for the Época Negócios Reclame 2019 award, in the “educational services” category. Records for each subject are recorded, and consumer grades are also high.

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