Lula is the people’s favorite to end corruption in 2022!

Quaest conducted a poll that revealed that the name of former president Lula is preferred in the issue of solving several problems related to corruption, however, it is not just that, there are many other issues where Lula’s name appears as solution in the next elections according to the survey.

The survey was carried out between September 30th and October 3rd, and had a number of 2,048 people in each region of the country to show a little more about voting preference in the year 2022. And of course, as already mentioned , the former president became the preferred name on several problematic issues in the country. 

Although the PT member was convicted in lawsuits related to a triplex in Guarujá and also to a farm in Atibaia, and he was imprisoned for approximately 580 days, he was chosen as the best name to fight corruption, reaching around 28%. It is also worth noting that all judgments on him were annulled by the Supreme Court.

Lula is preferred to end corruption

The poll goes even further, comparing the current president’s voting intentions with him. According to the data gathered, President Jair Bolsonaro got approximately 24% of the voting intentions, while Lula reached 28%. The question of judge Sérgio Moro, who now has approximately 14% of voting intentions, was also compared, according to the survey.

It is worth remembering that Sergio Moro was invited by the president to work in the justice ministries, a position he ended up leaving after accusing Sergio Moro of interfering in a very improper way in the military police. 

Returning to the Lula issue, it is also interesting to note that the data reveals his preference for dealing with other issues, especially those pertaining to crime and public safety, where he gets even higher numbers. At this point, the ex-president leaves with 29% of the intentions, while Bolsonaro and the ex-judge leave, respectively, with 25% and 14%. 

Lula is preferred to end corruption

Quaest goes even further, the numbers grow a lot when the topic is a more current issue, such as health, pandemics and vaccines. for approximately 35% of respondents, Lula is considered the most capable of managing this issue comprehensively, Meanwhile, Bolsonaro trails behind with 19% and Moro with 4%.

Finally, in the case of the economy, which is certainly one of the most important topics for 2022, Lula soars even more, reaching 44%, Jair and Sérgio Moro trailing with, respectively, 18% and 4%.

After all this analysis, for Quaest, following the data obtained, Lula appears at the top of the choices as the next president of Brazil, having approximately 44% of voting intentions, followed by Bolsonaro, with 24%, then by Moro , with 10% and, finally, Ciro Gomes, with approximately 9%.

There are also other names on the list, such as José Luiz Datena, who even manages to score a value of 11% on a list that doesn’t have Sérgio Moro and, of course, João Dória, with 6%.