Cell phone saves man from being shot

During a robbery that took place in Petrolina on 10/07, something rather strange happened. According to some information, the man got rid of the shot on account of his cell phone, but is this really possible, let’s see the case better so that we can answer this question more properly.

According to the doctor who treated the victim, who took place in the emergency department of the University Hospital in the region, the fact is still quite curious, but what is known so far is that the cell phone actually managed to prevent the bullet from entering the body of the patient. men. The hospital that performed the surgery is located at the Federal University of Vale do São Francisco. Some photos were posted on Twitter, generating amazement and curiosity from many people.

According to the hospital, despite the situation that almost took his life, the man suffered only a few bruises, he had his care at the unit, however, he was discharged shortly thereafter as he was not at any risk. His name was not even his image revealed, the only information that is known is that his cell phone was in his pants pocket.


The hospital also cited that it was informed by the SAMU that there was an activity in progress. According to what they said the victim had been robbed and soon after the assailant had shot her. Of course, with this information, the medical team prepared to treat a person in serious condition, however, when the boy arrived at the hospital, everything was clarified.

Amazingly, the cell phone was able to “hold the bullet”, so the man only had a bruise at the type’s location, arrived at the hospital conscious and was soon released as well.

They found out why the case hadn’t been serious after searching him and seeing that the cell phone in his pocket had retained the bullet. However, the case got even more interesting when you consider that it wasn’t just the cell phone that did all the work. According to the medical team, what really made a difference was the hood that the device had on. The post gained a large number of likes on Twitter, as well as shares and comments.

Amazingly, even after the shot hit the man, the capinha did not break and this generated something very interesting. It turns out that the cover would have the image of the Hulk, one of Marvel’s characters, so the internet didn’t forgive and some other publications citing the Hulk as the hero of the case also appeared.

In the end, even the Motorola company commented on the case, showing interest in what happened to the brand’s cell phone. Did the man get another device. Well, that’s not that important considering that something very important happened in his life, after all, escaping death that way is not so common.

The suspect in the robbery is still missing and no information is available about him, but the police are continuing their investigations.