Burger King with open trainee applications. Know more!

Burger King

Burger King is a very famous company in Brazil and currently has vacancies open for a Trainee program. Applications are open until October 21st, so we are going to give you all the information you need to try to apply for the position here.

First, it is important to highlight that one of the differentials mentioned by Bk is that a kind of blind selection will take place, where the new employee of the company will be chosen only based on their technical and even behavioral skills.

This information is important as it builds a better view of what will be needed for the vacancy. The program aims to include new employees for the year 2022, but they also need to follow some requirements so they can participate in the process, let’s see a little more about them right now!

Who can participate in the selection?

Ex-students and students who have graduation scheduled for December can participate in the selection. Remember that almost all Trainee programs require the professional to be trained.

Burger King

The good news, however, is that there are no course restrictions, so whatever you do, you can be on the list for one of the vacancies. In general, everything works that way.

Another requirement for registration is also to have a domain in the Office package, thus, vacancies become more selective. Furthermore, the search is for people who have the possibility to change.

What are the benefits?

The benefits for those who work as a trainee at Burger King vary from year to year and, in addition to the salary that is very competitive in the market, the worker will also receive access to benefits such as:

  • Health and dental plan, even for dependents;
  • Meal or food vouchers;
  • Transportation voucher, charter or even parking;
  • Life insurance;
  • Financial, legal and even psychological assistance program;
  • Quality of life program;
  • Partnerships with courses and universities;
  • Gym pass.

These are the most important points, remuneration is variable, but everything will be explained during the selection process in more detail.

How to apply?

To register, you can enter the site and go to the bottom and look for the option to “subscribe”. It is important to pay attention to the registration deadline. You have until 10/21 to do this.

After going through this process, it is also important to seek to know more about the stages of the selection process and when they will happen. It is also worth remembering that the vacancies are only for the Alphaville/SP region.

Burger King is one of the companies that most open selective processes. This is due to the large number of people who are interested in the vacancy and also the size of the company. Every day the fast-food chain grows in the market and along with this the number of employees also increases.

Anyway, despite the amount of restrictions that exist, it is already clear that there are plenty of opportunities in the company, so it is important to check every now and then if there are vacancies in your region.