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BBB 22 or Big Brother Brasil 2022 is the Brazilian version of the reality show Big Brother, produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. Its first edition started on January 29, 2002, and the second season was released in the same year. From the third edition onwards, it became an annual event and is currently held from January to mid or late April.

In the country, in addition to daily shows on Rede Globo and sporadic flashes on multishow pay-per-view channels, it is also broadcast on pay-per-view (PPV) by some pay-TV operators. On the Internet, it is broadcast by Globo channel to PPV subscribers, and on Globoplay it is broadcast to subscribers.

Check out today’s post all about how BBB 22 works, the most popular reality show in the world and some interesting facts about this program that has already conquered Brazilians. Come on?

How does the BBB 22 work

The program is based on confinement in a house monitored by cameras 24 hours a day and without contact with the outside world. Participants may not communicate with relatives and friends, read newspapers or use any other means to obtain outside information.


Choose these members to do the show, but they can choose whether they want to enter the house and have the right to leave the show at any time. Each week, two to three participants are nominated by the members to face public voting, with those with the most votes being excluded.

The competitors’ objective is to win the competition, overcome the weekly eliminations and stay home until the last day, when viewers will choose who will be the winner in the final.

Below, we separate some of the little-known stages, but which are also important in the competition, namely:


Eleven participants are competing for 1.5 million reais, tax free. In addition to the first prize, the second and third place winners take home R$ 150 thousand and R$ 50 thousand, respectively.

However, the finalists were not the only ones to win at the BBB 2022. During the nearly three months, members are offered various rewards, such as cars, computers, appliances, tours and even apartments.


Participants must buy food to supply the house. The BBB’s currency is estaleca, which is won on tests held every Sunday.

In the competition, the brothers are divided into two groups: in addition to the largest number of shipyards, the winning team will also receive special prizes and privileges. On Mondays, participants purchase the week with the stakes.

BBB cannot borrow or donate your coins even if they are eliminated. They are valid only at the house and cannot be exchanged for reais after the participants leave.


In the market, players can find two types of goods: individual goods purchased by each participant for free and collective goods, which can only be purchased if everyone in the family agrees to cooperate with as little as possible.

On the shelf, they found individual products that any participant could buy. They will also find collective items, which can only be purchased if all participants agree to provide a minimum amount.

In addition to controlling finances, participants must also prepare their own meals.


In this version, the brothers will be able to send messages of up to 140 characters directly from the confinement room. In addition, the public will also be able to send messages that will be published in real time on the official website of the program.

How to watch BBB 22 live

The BBB has become more and more a fever among people in Brazil, especially now that social networks help drive news and main events within the house. For this reason, today the vast majority of people stop to watch the program. After all, nobody wants to lose that wall or the disputed leader’s test, right?

Below we have separated some ways for you to be following Big Brother Brazil and not let any news go unnoticed.


  • Go to –;
  • Log in;
  • Go to the Reality Shows option or search for BBB;
  • Ready! Follow everything from the most watched house in Brazil!


BBB’s broadcast on Multishow’s channel takes place every day of the week, after Globo’s broadcast is closed. There it will be possible to follow the brothers’ reaction after an important event, such as an elimination, for example. It’s always worth checking out!

TV Globo

In addition to the BBB-related news and news being disclosed on Globo’s website, the station also broadcasts the program from Sunday to Sunday, starting right after the nine o’clock soap opera or any other program that runs at this time, such as Domingão do Faustão, for example. Therefore, always stay tuned so you don’t miss the broadcast time!

BBB 22 Participants

In the Big brother Brasil 21 edition, the following were selected:

  • Arthur: Crossfit instructor, 26, born in Conduru, Espírito Santo;
  • Karol Conká: Singer and presenter, 35, born in Curitiba, Paraná;
  • Caio: Farmer, 32 years old, born in Anápolis, Goiás;
  • Carla Diaz: Actress, 30 years old, born in São Paulo;
  • João Luiz: Professor of geography, 24 years old, born in Santos Dumont, Minas Gerais;
  • Camilla de Lucas: Influencer, 26, born in Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Arcrebian: Model and physical educator, 29 years old, born in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo;
  • Pocah: Singer, 26, born in Rio de Janeiro;
  • Juliette: Lawyer and makeup artist, 31, born in Campina Grande, Paraíba;
  • Nego Di: Comedian, 26 years old, born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul;
  • Kerline: Model and influencer, 28 years old, born in Fortaleza, Ceará;
  • Lucas Penteado: Actor, 24 years old, born in São Paulo;
  • Lumena: Psychologist and DJ, 29, born in Salvador, Bahia;
  • Rodolffo: Country singer, 32 years old, born in Uruaçu, Goiás;
  • Gilberto: Doctoral candidate in Economics, 29 years old, born in Jaboatão, Pernambuco;
  • Viih Tube: Actress and YouTuber, 20 years old, born in Sorocaba, São Paulo;
  • Thais: Dental surgeon, 27 years old, born in Luziânia, Goiás;
  • Projota: Singer and rapper, 34 years old, born in São Paulo;
  • Sarah: Digital marketing consultant, 29, born in Brasília;
  • Fiuk: Actor and singer, 30 years old, born in São Paulo.

How to participate in BBB 22

In the previous edition, there were 12 cities across Brazil. However, at BBB 21, the production will only visit candidates from the following 10 cities:

  • Bethlehem
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Large field
  • Curitiba
  • Cotia
  • Porto Alegre
  • Recife
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • São Paulo

Choose a city with easy access, let you register and wait for the interview call starting in May. Please note that the number of places is limited, so apply quickly.

BBB Registration 22

To participate in the program, applicants must be 18 years old by the end of 2022 and at most 70 years old. Even if you are a foreigner, you can participate! In addition, to register at BBB 22, you must have Internet access, as the entire process must be carried out online.


Step 01. Access the official BBB22 registration website at;

Step 02. Select the city you want to register. Easily accessible cities during the interview;

Step 03. Fill in the mandatory form fields and send your demo video.

Ready! Now that you have completed the registration, just wait for the call. You need to complete a total of 6 steps on the BBB 22 registration page.

At the end of the application, the candidate will fill in several pages of the form. If the system crashes and cannot be updated, find and look for the missing required fields. If you have not completed the registration and wish to continue in the future, completing this form will be automatically saved in your profile.

Once registration is complete, you will receive a registration number. This number is used for selection or provides your registration number when entering support.

Photos and video

Each entrant must submit three photos and a demo video.

In the following section, we’ll also share production tips on how to make a recorded video.

Subscription Video Tips:

  • When recording a demo video:
  • Avoid background music
  • Avoid noisy places like dogs barking, background music
  • Record the video in a well-lit place.

Participant List BBB22

The production will select 16 participants for the BBB22 edition. The regional selection will take place throughout 2022 until the end of December. The complete list of BBB22 participants will be released on January 13, 2022, the week in which Brazil’s “Big Brother” debuted.

Only one thing has been confirmed now, Tiago will be hosting again in 2022!

How to register for Gshow

When registering, you must log into the website. However, many people do not know how to register with Here, we will explain step by step how to register.

  • Enter the registration site via the link here
  • Choose a convenient city
  • Fill the form;
  • Press “Register”
  • After completing the registration, login with email and password

If you forget your password, you can click “Forgot my password” and retrieve the password.

leader’s test

The winner of the competition guarantees that in addition to enjoying extra privileges in the exclusive room, the right to special meals and participation in the cinema, they can also stay at home for another week of immunity. On the other hand, the difficult task of the leader is to nominate one of his companions for Paredão.

proof of the angel

Except for the leader, all participants take the angel test. The winner will receive a necklace, which gives him the right to free a colleague from a week of voting, but the necklace also gives him the status of “monster”, according to which he must nominate one or more participants, to complete unpleasant tasks.

Big Phone

As of Big Brother Brasil 8, Big Fone was implemented, a call that any participant can answer. The voice heard by the participant issues an order, and the respondent must follow the order, usually not revealing the content to others until after voting.

Big Fone can give immunity to the person who answers, the right to immunize others, the obligation to take someone to the wall. With the appearance of Big Fone, there was the first appearance of the triple wall (three people indicated for the wall), which did not happen until the eighth season.

BBB wall

Every week, on Thursday’s live stream, there will be a test to choose the leader (competitors can lead multiple times). Leaders receive some subsidies, but are required to publicly declare the participants of Paredão (public voting point) who will be nominated at the venue on Sunday.

Until BBB 14, the leader is immunized, that is, he cannot be voted on by the other participants, but from the Brazilian brother 15 onwards, the leader no longer has immunity, but earns 10 thousand reais for each leader.


However, from bbb 17, the leader regains immunity and no longer receives a benefit of 10,000 reais, but in the situation of shared leadership, these two benefits are obtained at the same time. The other contestants voted one by one in the confessional.

The person with the most votes in the House will face the one indicated by the leader on the wall. If the participants with the most votes are tied, the deciding vote power is determined by the leader.

Viewers choose to vote online, being able to vote as many times as they like, and the elimination will be announced on Tuesday. This procedure is repeated once a week until the end of the program.

BBB vote

On Sunday, the BBB 22 wall is formed: The first step is to announce the decision of the angel, who chooses the person to be immunized. Then, the BBB leader indicates a participant that goes straight to Paredão. Then the confined, including the leader’s nominee, go to the confessional to announce their vows.

The BBB 22 voting is individual, but may or may not be secret. In case of a tie, it is up to the leader to vote to define which voter must undergo public evaluation. The elimination takes place on Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that actions such as Big Fone or surprise polls “can alter the program’s natural dynamics.

The “Big Fone” created at BBB8 made the first appearance of the triple wall (three people are tagged), which did not appear until season eight. In these cases, in addition to the case instructed by the leader, in which the house voted the most, it is usually due to the “big idiot” or other unexpected result determined by the program.

The day of elimination varies, but it usually happens on Tuesday. However, if there are unexpected barriers or sudden changes in the game, the motivation to eliminate Big Brother from Brazil may be different.

How to vote through Gshow

To vote on Gshow, the process is very simple. Go to the Gshow website and click on the first featured article. Or, to simplify the process and avoid further doubts, we’ll leave an explanatory step-by-step guide below. Check out:


Step 01 . First, go to the official Gshow platform – ;

Step 02 . After the site loads, view the highlighted article on the homepage with the name “Paredão BBB”;

Step 03 . Click on this article and select the participant you wish to eliminate from the most watched house in Brazil.

Step 04 . Then login with your Globo account (if you don’t have it, click “register”) or login to Facebook.

Step 05 . After logging in, click on the name of the participant you wish to delete and check the “I am a human” box to confirm the vote. Remember there are no restrictions and you can vote however you like.

Ready! After following the steps above, you will be able to vote as many times as you think necessary.

How to vote by App

You can vote for BBB 2022 using the Gshow app, which is free for Android and iPhone (iOS). To use the app, it is necessary to have a Globo account, which can be created immediately when the user votes. The contest starts every Sunday after the nomination and the candidates eliminated on the reality show will be broadcast live on Tuesday.

Here’s how to vote for BBB using the Gshow app.


Step 01 . Download and install the Gshow app on your phone. Open the app and go to the “BBB” tab at the bottom of the screen. When finished, click on the highlighted BBB 2022 voting slogan and select the participant you wish to vote on to remove from the box

Step 02 . If you are using the app for the first time, you need to login to your Globo account or register for free. To do this, enter your e-mail address and password registered on

You can also use Facebook or Google to access your account. If you have not registered yet, press “Register” and enter your registration request data;

Step 3 . Click on “I am a human” and, if necessary, select a photo of the object shown to confirm your vote. Confirmation of your vote will be displayed on the screen. If you want to continue voting, press “Vote again” and repeat the above process.

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for using the Gshow app to vote for BBB.

UOL BBB poll

BBB 22

On the UOL website, you can have all the coverage: participants, polls, walls, tests, columnists’ opinions, parties and couples of Big Brother Brasil 2021. So for those who like the program, following all of Big Brother Brasil is essential.

Considered the biggest reality show in the country, Big Brother Brasil brings together a story full of curiosities, ups and downs, controversies and an exorbitant sponsorship. The program airs on TV Globo. From Monday to Saturday after the showing of the telenovela, and on Sundays after the showing of Fantástico.

On Multishow, it is shown every day after being shown on TV Globo. Reruns at 9am and 6:30pm

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