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IPVA 2022 is a state tax charged annually, and depending on the value of the vehicle, the rate changes from state to state, ranging from 1% to 6%. Its taxation is the responsibility of the states and federal districts, these federal entities retain 50% of the taxes collected, and, as provided for in the Federal Constitution, another 50% are allocated to the municipalities where the vehicles are registered.

As its name suggests, the Motor Vehicle Property Tax is levied on all motor vehicles, whether motorcycles, planes or boats. And in today’s post, you’ll understand everything you need about IPVA, including how to organize yourself so you don’t default. All ready? So come on!

2022 IPVA

Basically, the 2022 IPVA works as follows: the state levies an annual tax on car ownership, established in 1986 to replace the old single-lane tax (TRU), linked to the cost of the transportation system.

2022 IPVA

To collect the tax, the state assesses the car’s market price. This is calculated based on the vehicle’s market value and ranges from 1.5% to 4%. To define the cost, the government referred to the table of the Economic Research Foundation (Fipe).

Unlike TRU, IPVA is not necessarily applied to improve streets and roads. The 2022 IPVA collected is distributed among the state, municipal and federal governments, and they apply the tax as necessary – whether in transport, education or health.

Taxes have binding characteristics, that is, they are directly related to the provision of the service that originated them. However, the IPVA does not have this link and can be used for public expenditure, mainly for health, education, security and transport expenses.

But not only that. The resources collected by this tax are used to invest in social development, such as:

  • Creation of public projects;
  • Schools;
  • roads;
  • Museums;
  • Libraries;
  • National service buildings;
  • Squares;
  • Ecological parks;
  • Others.

Government officials use the resources collected by the IPVA in accordance with the needs of federated entities and municipalities.

Of the total products collected, 40% belong to the state government, 40% belong to the cities where the vehicle is registered, licensed or registered, and 20% belong to FUNDEB (Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and the Valorization of Professionals of Education).

2022 IPVA Consultation

The vehicle IPVA 2022 consultation is being done through the internet. Currently, almost all federated states can use this service online, which greatly reduces taxpayer time.

So that you can query IPVA, just follow the step by step below:

  • Access your state’s Detran or Sefaz website;
  • Go to the “services” tab;
  • Click on consult IPVA debts.

If not, you can check the vehicle’s property tax on the State Treasury website. For example, in São Paulo, tax payments are managed by the State Finance Department, and all information can be obtained directly from the department’s portal.

For the avoidance of doubt, let us take the state of São Paulo as an example:

2022 IPVA Consultation
  • To verify the IPVA, simply access www.ipva.fazenda.sp.gov.br ;
  • Provide the RENAVAM number and vehicle license plate;
  • Check the “I’m not a robot” field;
  • Click on “Consult”.

reindeer number

Renavan number

There are two ways to check the vehicle’s Renavan. First, the easiest way is to look up the number directly on the “Vehicle Registration and License Certificate” (CRLV), which is collected after payment of property tax and other vehicle-related obligations

The second option requires you to go to the Detran website for your state of residence. Normally, the service provided by the Department of Transportation allows you to consult the vehicle and then access the CRLV.

To do so, they require data such as the license plate number and CPF to ensure more security to citizens’ property data.

Value of IPVA 2022

The value of IPVA 2022 for a vehicle is variable and depends on the model and type of fuel it uses. In addition, it may be different depending on the application of value in each state, as each state has authority granted by the Federal Constitution of 1988.

However, before explaining the calculation basis and method of calculating the tax, it is worth noting that it can be paid in advance with a 10% discount.

The first step for those who want to calculate the IPVA is to identify the value of the vehicle. Usually, there are three possibilities to buy a car: new, used or auctioned. When choosing an option, it is possible to discover the market value, which is the factor used by the government to estimate the price of the merchandise.

For new cars, this value will appear on the invoice. For used cars, the government considers the average market price, but considers the month of the previous year in which the price should be charged. The auction car is based on the expenses incurred with the auction and the taxes levied on this operation.

After that, the amount should be calculated based on the vehicle type rate.

The rate is between:

  • 1.5%
  • 3.5%

Suppose the market value of your car is 50,000 reais and the tax rate is 2%. Now you need to calculate the following value: 50,000 X 0.02 = 1000.00. This will be the vehicle’s 2022 IPVA value.

2022 IPVA Exemption

Exemption from the Motor Vehicle Property Tax is established according to the year of manufacture of each vehicle. In other words, the older the car/motorbike is, the cheaper its property tax will be, reaching a certain date when it will become exempt.

However, this manufacturing base year varies from state to state. Understand it better, as we set out in the explanatory guide below about the 2022 IPVA exemption:

Vehicles from 10 years of manufacture

  • Goiás;
  • Large northern river;
  • Roraima.

Vehicles from 15 years of manufacture

  • Amapá;
  • Amazons;
  • Bahia;
  • Ceará;
  • Federal District;
  • Holy Spirit;
  • Maranhão;
  • For;
  • Paraíba,
  • Piauí;
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Rondônia;
  • Sergipe;
  • Tocantins.

Vehicles from 18 years of manufacture

  • Mato Grosso.

Vehicles from 20 years of manufacture

  • Acre;
  • Alagoas;
  • Mato Grosso do Sul;
  • Paraná;
  • Rio Grande do Sul;
  • São Paulo.

People with disabilities can usually be exempt from this fee as well, but to get benefits you must have a special driver’s license and a medical report attesting to the condition. In addition, there is also a third exemption:

Exemption from IPVA fees for cancer patients .

Today, states with this premise are:

  • Holy Spirit;
  • Federal District;
  • Goiás;
  • Paraná;
  • Minas Gerais;
  • Paraíba;
  • Pernambuco;
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Large northern river;
  • São Paulo;
  • Rio Grande do Sul.

2022 IPVA Table

As the 2022 IPVA table has not yet been released with the updated dates, we will make available the payment schedule for the year 2021 below, of the three installments (or single installment with a discount) according to the end of the vehicle’s license plate, in São Paulo :

2022 IPVA Table

To collect taxes, the state assesses the car’s market price. The value is calculated based on the vehicle’s market value and ranges from 1.5% to 4%. To define the market price, the government uses the Fipe table (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas).

Below we have separated the official address of all Detran’s, so that you can be accessing the website of the State Department of Transit of your state and consulting the IPVA 2022 payment table as soon as it is published.

Check out:

  • Acre – www.detran.ac.gov.br;
  • Alagoas – www.detran.al.gov.br;
  • Amapá – www.detran.ap.gov.br;
  • Amazonas – www.detran.am.gov.br;
  • Bahia – www.detran.ba.gov.br;
  • Ceará – www.detran.ce.gov.br;
  • Federal District – www.detran.df.gov.br;
  • Espírito Santo – detran.es.gov.br;
  • Goiás – www.detran.go.gov.br;
  • Maranhão – www.detran.ma.gov.br;
  • Mato Grosso – www.detran.mt.gov.br;
  • Mato Grosso do Sul – www.detran.ms.gov.br;
  • Minas Gerais – www.detran.mg.gov.br;
  • Pará – www.detran.pa.gov.br;
  • Paraíba – detran.pb.gov.br;
  • Paraná – www.detran.pr.gov.br;
  • Pernambuco – www.detran.pe.gov.br;
  • Piauí – www.detran.pi.gov.br;
  • Rio de Janeiro – www.detran.rj.gov.br;
  • Rio Grande do Sul – www.detran.rs.gov.br;
  • Rio Grande do Norte – www.detran.rn.gov.br;
  • Rondônia – www.detran.ro.gov.br;
  • Roraima – www.detran.rr.gov.br;
  • Santa Catarina – www.detran.sc.gov.br;
  • São Paulo – www.detran.sp.gov.br;
  • Sergipe – www.detran.se.gov.br;
  • Tocantins – detran.to.gov.br.

How to pay 2022 IPVA

After consulting the vehicle’s IPVA value, you can print the ticket and make payment at any bank branch or lottery. However, some Detrans establish that it is only paid in some banks, such as Banco do Brasil.

Usually, this information will be highlighted on the ticket, you must be aware of the IPVA payment guidelines.

Payment for the title can also be made via ATM or mobile application. One way is to pay IPVA in the Bradesco application, for example.

After 48 hours of payment, which is the period the bank takes to offset the amount paid, the taxpayer can go to the local Department of Transit to request the issuance of the CRLV.

The way in which the tax is paid is determined by each state. However, in most cases, the government offers two options: in cash or in installments.

IPVA payment in cash

When paying the amount in cash, the vehicle owner can receive a discount, which varies from region to region. For example, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, the discount is on average 3%.

If you have extra cash, or if you plan ahead before charging, the main recommendation is to pay cash tax to get a discount. This discount is interesting because it is greater than what you would earn on an application during this period, for example.

IPVA payment in installments

Those who choose to pay in installments have a little convenience in payment, but without discounts. In other words, if you’re on a tight budget, then do it in installments.

It can be made up to 3 times, the first payment being usually in January and the last in March. Remember to check the date with the Secretary of State for Finance, as the date may change.

2nd copy IPVA 2022

Anyone who needs a duplicate of the Motor Vehicle Property Tax can obtain it through the digital platform. Billet 2 via IPVA 2022 is available on the website and by the State Department of Transit app.

It is worth noting that each state has its own version of the Detran website, and it is necessary to place the abbreviation of the state of residence on the website address: www.detran.sigladoestado.gov.br. How – www.detran.rj.gov.br) – for example.

Another way is through the Secretariat of Finance website, access the “Citizens” tab and click on “IPVA”. Payment changes for each location, and for example, we use the state of São Paulo as a base:

2nd copy IPVA 2022
  • Go to Sefaz’s official website – https://portal.fazenda.sp.gov.br/servicos/ipva;
  • Choose the ‘IPVA’ option in the right menu;
  • Then, select the option ‘Inquiry of Debts Linked to Vehicle’;
  • Fill in the requested fields carefully;
  • Finally click on ‘Consult’
  • The car data entered will appear

Bradesco IPVA

Taxpayers now have more options to pay Vehicle Ownership Tax. One of them is through Banco Bradesco, since the payment of IPVA 2022, DPVAT licensing and fines for your vehicle can be made on the institution’s website:

Bradesco IPVA

Step 01 . To get started, go to the payments page – https://banco.bradesco/html/classic/produtos-servicos/mais-produtos-servicos/pagamentos.shtm;

Step 02 . In the topic “Taxes” click on “Debit of Vehicles (IPVA, previous DPVAT, Licensing, fines and fees);

Step 03 . If the vehicle is from Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul or São Paulo, the RENAVAM code can be used to pay. In the case of Rio de Janeiro, it is necessary to generate the payment slip for the payment of taxes and fees;

Step 04 . Now click on “Pay Now” and after logging into your account, go to: Payments > Taxes: (Taxes, Fees or Contributions): Vehicle Debits (IPVA, DPVAT, Licensing, Fines and Fees).

overdue property tax

Contrary to what some people think, if the IPVA is not paid in full, the government will not give discounts or even forgive debts in the future. After all, not paying taxes will bring many problems and serious consequences, such as default.

The government has increased debt-based fines and interest, which can snowball in the long run. For example:

In the state of São Paulo, taxpayers who fail to pay the tax will be fined 0.33% per day and charged interest on overdue credit rates based on the Selic rate. After 60 days, the percentage of fines is set at 20% of the tax.

In addition, the name of the vehicle owner may be registered in the State Cadin (default registration), which may prevent the citizen from using the Nota Fiscal Paulista to obtain credit.

From the date of registration of the IPVA debt, the Attorney General’s Office can claim delays through protest.

Failure to pay these taxes can also cause citizens to incur active debts, which are government records (state, municipal and federal) that aggregate public debts (such as IPVA, IPTU, traffic or environmental fines).

How to organize to pay IPVA?

Here are some tips for you to pay IPVA 2022 without changing your budget:

Start saving: Just a small budget adjustment can help you save money, which will help pay the property tax. For example, find ways to reduce wasted energy, water, phone bills, etc.

Use part of your 13th salary: Many people wait for part of their 13th salary at the beginning of the year to pay the bills. This is a good strategy to balance the budget as there are many bills that accumulate in this period.

Although you want to use a portion for holiday shopping, it’s worth keeping a portion to pay the tax in cash and get a good discount.

Don’t delay payment: If you think you can’t pay the property tax in cash or on time, the best option is to pay in installments. You can use this option, although there is no discount, but splitting the payment is more beneficial than delaying the payment.

In addition to charging high interest rates in the future, your car can also be impounded at the blitz. So, avoid going through this kind of situation.

Prefer payment in cash: When paying the VAT in cash, you will receive a valid discount. Depending on the status, type and value of the car, this discount can be up to 10%. Then settle the installment (full payment) and save a lot.

Now that you have all the knowledge of the IPVA, plan to avoid being financially tight and able to pay off debts without affecting your budget.

The IPVA only applies to land vehicles. In other words, cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, minibuses, agricultural machines, mopeds, etc. It does not affect water-powered vehicles (such as yachts, ships and ships) or air transport (such as planes and helicopters).

So, did you like today’s post on IPVA 2022? Leave in the comments below, your opinion is very important to us. And don’t forget to share this text on your social networks, so other people can also have access to this content. To the next.