2022 INCOME TAX – Declaration, Refund, Revenue

Between March and April, few people escape: it is necessary to face the most feared Brazilian tax: the 2022 income tax. Confronting the lion – the animal chosen as the IR’s mascot in the 70s – is not a pleasant task. However, all citizens whose income exceeds a certain amount must report to the IRS every year.

The summary of adulthood is having to file a tax return step by step. And if you’ve come this far, it’s because tax obligations are knocking at the door, or you have a good reason to do so, for example, to apply for visa approval from another country.

It is necessary to fully inform your costs and avoid fines or any problems with the authorities. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the dreaded 2022 income tax. Check it out!

2022 income tax

As the name suggests, it is a federal income tax, which also monitors your equity evolution. To carry out this surveillance, the government requires workers and companies to inform the Internal Revenue Service about their annual income.

2022 income tax

Throughout the year, you can earn money and spend it. Income is usually taxed at the time of collection. The following year, the “lion” will assess whether the fees he receives from you are really what you need to pay, based on the size of the income.

In order for the government to have all this information, you need to make an “annual adjustment statement” from the IRPF (Individual Income Tax). The declaration is usually from the beginning of March to the end of April. In addition, you need to list all service income and expenses for the last year.

Difference between IRPF and IRPJ

In addition to Personal Income Tax, there is also Corporate Income Tax. Below are the main differences between the two taxes.

Personal Income Tax (IRPF)

Individual income tax is levied on the income of taxpayers who reside in the country or abroad, but who earn income in Brazil.

The tax rate varies with earnings, so that taxpayers who earn an amount lower than the limit established for the mandatory annual declaration are exempt from taxation.

Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ)

Corporate income tax applies to Brazilian companies. In this case, the exchange rate is applicable to the profit according to the scale of the activity and business carried out, and the profit can be real, presumptive or arbitrated.

Therefore, according to Federal Revenue regulations, taxpayers must pay fees to the IRPJ, and their legal entities and similar entities are settled in the country.

Since 1996, the IRPJ profit rate has been 15%, with a 10% increase on the portion of profit that exceeds R$20,000.00 per month.

Who must declare the 2022 Income Tax

According to the Federal Revenue Service, taxpayers who:

  • They received taxable income (such as salaries and rent), whose annual sum was greater than R$ 28,559.70.
  • They received income that was exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source (for example, workers’ compensation, savings accounts or donations) in an amount exceeding R$ 40 thousand.
  • They obtained, in any month, gains from the sale of assets or rights subject to income tax, such as properties sold at a profit.
  • They carried out operations on stock, commodity, futures and similar exchanges (investments).
  • In 2020, they had gross revenue in excess of R$ 142,798.50 in rural activity.
  • On December 31, 2020, they had possession or ownership of assets or rights, including bare land, with a total value exceeding R$300 thousand.
  • They became residents in Brazil in any month and, in this condition, they were on December 31, 2020.

Income Tax Declaration 2022

Do you have questions about how to make your declaration? We have prepared a step by step below where we will teach you in an easy and simple way how you can file your income tax return.

Check out:

Income Tax Declaration 2022

Step 1: Download the Internal Revenue Program. Programs can be selected for cell phones or computer systems, and contributors can choose the platform that best suits their lifestyle;

Step 2: Select the claim type. If this is the first time you’ve done this, it’s probably of the “annual adjustment declaration” type, because the final type of estate is to end the deceased taxpayer’s tax period and leave the country permanently.

Step 3:  At this point, the Revenue will inform you that you will be able to fill in the full tax return form with ease and choose the type of tax you need: complete or simplified. At the end of the fill, you can use the comparison chart to determine which model is best for your pocket.

Step 4:  You will only need to fill in information you have to offer, the rest is not up to you. In other words, there is a lot of content in the program interface, like “debts and expenses”, “real estate” and some other content, but that will not apply to your situation.

We advise you to start filling out in the following order:

  • Inform everything you received: thirteenth salary, social security discounted and vacation value. If you received value from an individual such as rent, or other transactions. must also declare;
  • Report everything you paid for;
  • Inform your goods;
  • Check the backlog and submit your statement for analysis before submission.

After filling everything in, you can choose the type of taxation:

However, after this visit on your computer, you need to click Check Outstanding Items before selecting “Deliver Statement”:

  1. Local disk;
  2. RFB program file;
  3. IRPF;
  4. Application;
  5. Data;
  6. Open the folder with your CPF;
  7. Select the file with the extension “XML” (draft file).

There is no error when accessing the RI, and loading the statement on the platform. After the analysis, the system will point out error points or information that may be in the error field, thus minimizing the chance of you falling into the fine grid and helping to adjust the sentence.

Ready! After analyzing everything you filled out and checking the pending issues, you can now return to the Internal Revenue Service Income Tax program and click on “Send declaration”.

2022 Income Tax Program

Once you have the necessary documents, you will need to download the “Report Generator Program” (PGD IRPF 2021) from the IRS website.

People with digital certificates can visit the e-CAC virtual call center on the recipe website. Here you will find the completed declaration. The program is downloaded to your computer and the declaration is made by it.

2022 Income Tax Program

There are three options for submitting the 2020 income tax return:

  • Program
  • My Income Tax (Ecac)
  • Play Store app
  • APP Store app

All versions are free, if you want to download the 2022 income tax program, just go to the IRS website and click on the operating system according to your computer or device.

2022 Income Tax Refund

When the Internal Revenue Service detects that the tax paid by the taxpayer exceeds the tax due, the 2022 income tax refund occurs. Therefore, he is entitled to receive part of the payment. The amount will be refunded until December of the same year in which the amount was disclosed.

Normally, those who paid the IRPF 2022 first will also receive a refund in advance. As of May of last year, the excess tax was returned to taxpayers within five months.

2022 Income Tax Refund

To consult 2022 income tax refund and see if the amount has been credited, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Access http://servicos.receita.fazenda.gov.br/servicos/consrest/atual.app/paginas/mobile/restitucaomobi.asp;
  • Enter the CPF and date of birth;
  • Select the exercise year;
  • Fill in the security code;
  • Finally, click on “Next”.

2022 Income Tax Table

To calculate the amount of income tax a taxpayer must pay in the previous year, and therefore how much still needs to be paid, the IR compares the declared amount with the table.

Contains the rate applied based on the declared income. May vary depending on the year involved. If you want to consult the basic table for the annual calculation of the IRPF, you can check it below:

Check the 2022 income tax table provided by the Internal Revenue Service:

Calculation basis                                                      Rate            Portion to be deducted from Income Tax 

  1. Range up to R$ 22,847.76 Exempt –
  2. Range from BRL 22,847.77 to BRL 33,919.80 7.5% BRL 1,713.58
  3. Range from BRL 33,919.81 to BRL 45,012.60 15% BRL 4,257.57
  4. Range from BRL 45,012.61 to BRL 55,976.16 22.5% BRL 7,633.51
  5. Range above BRL 55,976.16 27.5% BRL 10,432.32

2022 Income Tax Calculation

In order to calculate the income tax, not only the taxpayer’s salary should be taken into account, but also all the income earned during the year.

See the table below:

Aliquot             Value Portion to be deducted from IRPF

  • Up to BRL 22,847.76 Exempt BRL 0.00
  • Between BRL 22,847.77 and BRL 33,919.80 7.5% BRL 1,713.58
  • Between BRL 33,919.81 and BRL 45,012.60 15% BRL 4,257.57
  • Between BRL 45,012.61 and BRL 55,976.16 22.5% BRL 7,633.51
  • Above R$ 55,976.16 27.5% R$ 10,432.32

Calculation on the complete model

To calculate the complete income tax, the IRS will initially calculate the sum of all taxable profits reported by the taxpayer. It works like this:

  • Subtract the deductible expenses included in the report from this amount.
  • This account will derive the tax base for that person’s income tax.
  • Once this value is defined, the income will apply the rate corresponding to the annual income range.
  • The next step is to deduct the amount of income tax paid by the taxpayer throughout the year – keep it on the payroll or pay by Carnê-Leão.

After keeping the accounts, the tax authority determines the person’s final taxes and fees. If positive, a refund will be issued. If it is negative, an additional fee must be paid to the RFB.

It is important to remember that the deductible discounts here can be higher than 16,754.34 reais. In summary, to calculate income tax in the full model, perform the following steps:

  • Subtraction: total taxable income – total deductible expenses = tax basis
  • Multiplication: Application of the IR rate on the calculation basis = tax payable by the taxpayer
  • Subtraction: Tax receivable – tax paid in the year = amount of income tax to be paid or returned.

Calculation in the simplified model

In the case of the simplified model, the first step is to consolidate all taxable income received by the taxpayer throughout the year. This means that the IRS collects the value of salaries, social security pensions, self-employment earnings, rent and alimony.

This account does not include exempt income, which are:

  • donations
  • Inheritance
  • Return of the savings account.

After completing this step, the “revenue” will assume the full amount, with a 20% discount on taxable income being applied. However, this deduction is limited to $16,754.34.

From this, the value of the calculation basis of income tax is obtained. At this point, the tax authority will check the taxpayer’s tax type and adopt the correct rate. The next step is to check what the person paid in income tax in the year – salary discount or monthly fee paid through Carnê-Leão.

This amount is deducted from the income tax owed so that the income reaches the final tax amount. Here, taxpayers can determine whether they are entitled to a refund or whether they need to pay more tax.

In summary, the calculation in the simplified model is divided into three steps:

  • Subtraction: sum of taxable income -20% = income tax basis
  • Multiplication: IR rate based on calculation basis = tax payable by the taxpayer
  • Subtraction: Tax payable – taxes paid throughout the year = amount of income tax to be paid or returned.

2022 Income Tax Exemption

According to the rules of the federal tax regulation, in the IRPF 2022, people with income below R$ 28,559.70 in 2020 (calendar year) are exempt from taxation.

However, under certain specific circumstances, citizens can apply for tax exemption. They are described on the agency’s official website, but below we will mention some of them:

  • people with serious illnesses
  • Including AIDS
  • mental alienation
  • severe heart disease
  • Blindness
  • Multiple sclerosis and 11 other diseases
  • People with income related to retirement, pension or retirement

To apply for exemption from Income Tax 2022, it is necessary to produce an expert report attesting to the disease.

Consequences of not reporting income tax

You may already know that trying to trick the IRS into paying less tax is a crime and is called tax evasion. When the taxpayer is arrested, in addition to paying a fine, he may also be sentenced to two to five years in prison.

Therefore, if you feel that you have made a mistake or forgot to notify the data in the report, you can send a correction to the RFB (free of charge) for a maximum period of five years.

This is because during the aforementioned period, the subject performs the so-called “fine mesh”. Check that the information the computer can provide is the intersection of data.

If the Internal Revenue Service Income Tax 2022 finds something strange on your return, it will examine it in detail and may ask for clarification. But if you have done rectifications before, this will be considered proof that you have not acted maliciously, for example, it will reduce your chances of going to jail.

We’ve prepared this complete guide for beginners, so you can try to clear up your main doubts and follow the steps to filing an error-free 2022 tax return. I hope it helped you.

So, did you like today’s post on Income Tax 2022? Leave in the comments below, your opinion is very important to us. And don’t forget to share this text on your social networks, so other people can also have access to this content. To the next.